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Richard Cantu in a rare confrontation, Republican senators declared deep opposition to President Trump's threatened, tearing all Mexican imports until that country stops Central American migrants from trying to get to the US. Well, there's not much support in my conference for tariffs. That's for sure. Majority leader. Mitch McConnell says neither country will be helped by the tariffs slated to go into effect on Monday. I think it's safe to say you've talked, all of our members were not fans of tariffs, we're still hoping that this can be avoided China declared trade war differences with the US should be dealt with through negotiation and Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell signal than openness to cutting interest rates if economic conditions here, start to degrade that sent investors off to the races market, strategist Art Hogan says it's a positive step expectations where we'd get something accomplished, perhaps, in the first half of two thousand nineteen I think those expectations are pushed off to more. Realistically, we might get something done in two thousand nineteen the Dow closed five hundred twelve points higher. The NASDAQ gained one hundred ninety four even the. The broader S and P five hundred gained fifty eight. And entirely too close. Encounter between a US navy p eight spy plane and Russian fighter jets over the Mediterranean, Sea. The navy says the Russian issue thirty-five did a high-speed pass directly in front of the P eight the navy calls. It unsafe and irresponsible Scott Peterson the former Broward County, Florida sheriff's deputy who did not enter the MS de highschool during last year's mass shooting is now accused of cowardice sorts with eleven criminal counts, including seven counts of child neglect, a state review Peterson refused to investigate the source of gunshots retreated, while victims were being shot and directed officers away from the building ABC's Victor oquendo bond for Peterson said at one hundred two thousand dollars. West of Milwaukee, a standoff between police in an armed individual barricaded inside a vehicles closed. The seven mile stretch of I ninety four. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's.

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United States, Scott Peterson, Navy discussed on Dave Ramsey

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