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Conditions apply. 12 48. Let's get to read a counselor in the W T O be traffic said. If you're on the Beltway in Prince George's County Watch for the delay on the interlude coming off of I 95 around pass Route one in college Park and before to a one Kendall Worth Avenue. A rather large dirt spill happened there and you're going to find two right lanes are all that are going to get you by the cleanup, outer loop, Seeing a little bit of rubbernecking getting past the scene as they can see everything that's going on, but your lanes are open on the outer loop of the Beltway. Also in Maryland, South bound 29. Coolsville rose slow from the Beltway toward Franklin is still a single left lane Getting by the work zone. Westbound. I 70 before Marriottsville Road you were staying with left to get by the fire activity. There were brush fires reported in the area in Rockville. Westbound 28 near I 70 to 70 that was shut down for the crash crash happened west of T 17 Year Hurley Avenue, but they're giving you a chance to divert onto T 70 or through the neighborhood there, so that's why they've blocked it off there. The rent from North bound to 72. Westbound 28 was blocked as well. Also the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge, the right lane of two blocked with the work. The westbound span runs two way traffic. The Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic continues to alternate across the bridge. Because of the work. Also an update on Metro rail Shortly around one o'clock this afternoon, they expect to open seven more metro stations. This would include archives, Arlington Cemetery Capital, South Federal Center, Southwest Federal Triangle, Judiciary Square, and the Smithsonian Station. Will all Rio But they have been closed around the inauguration. They're the ones that will remain closed after that are Farragut North Farragut, West McPherson Square and Metro Center. I'm Rita Kessler. W t o p. Traffic storm team forced Chuck Bell. Your Thursday will be filled with some afternoon sunshine South westerly breezes today so another milder than average day coming Not exactly balmy, but 51 will take that in January..

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