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And welcome back to coast to coast George in order with you were with Daniel us Dylan and Daniel we're talking about China in where they fit in the wall of this because they seem to be the new bad people on the block the computer name that people would most people don't understand is that the United States and China I'm not two models were two planets will two completely different models back China and the United States a heads and tails of the second quarter third memo in Las Vegas talked about oil we talked with the end of the most qualified Brecht woods model walks or walk the United States print money and this money is legalized through multinational bank because it would be smaller companies are built in China and other countries then these companies so she spoke to the United States of America and the same actual corporations offer cheap credits to American citizens to buy these goods everything is wonderful but there is one problem America doesn't need the money but rather trans national corporations and since these corporations are usually based in the United States because that's where the money is a bit more money to Americans that service was wonderful and everything is great with this mechanism especially financial aspect it stop working up two thousand and eight crisis any fool could be economic growth over the past twelve years it has been at the expense of faster growth of their there was no real growth in fact if you subtract equation George all the money printed in America since Reaganomics beginning in nineteen ninety one the actual growth in the United States over the past forty years yeah exactly zero percent while the results for the in the financial sector of the United States seems to receive income since international corporation stop investing in other words it stopped being profitable but at the same time trying to continue to receive income from trade that is good used to do therapy but in different areas the United States for example have a surplus in financial sector in China in trade and now it has turned out that China has a surplus in trade while the United States does not and a good situation trump began to change tomorrow he said let's return production to the United States encourage them to make America great again that you have you know what happened you know Bob your uncle however he also said that the many many with Merrick and people of international financial corporation network the bill because of the trilateral commission be liberal thank you S. CI coal you could no financial help because if you look at the US China deal the surplus of foreign trade balance with the United States is five hundred billion dollars in favor of China that's a lot of money so America's goal is greatly reduced vision of the United States now how China responds to this situation there is also very awful yes China's annual foreign trade surplus has reached nearly two million dollars that's a lot of money because he knew that everything was fine but the Chinese balance of payments has always been negative now what does it mean and you enjoy once a currency we will walk trillion opens U. S. while China's GDP growth record product is six trillion Americans is more or less the same fourteen outfits you have goals to sixteen the last full day say sixteen seventeen it's clear fiction so it turns out that the Chinese president twenty five percent of GDP because simply put forth all good growth you know it would be ideal growth of six percent so the question is what will happen if they take away the opportunity to withdraw the excess mass which is five hundred billion dollars would be generating trade with the surplus in the United States from circulation through dollars move that they'll be an inclination of twenty five percent which means initially deal be describing the difference between monitoring mission in GDP growth that is nineteen percent in the first year so be gentle commuters should was categorically not happy with this prospect and I'm inclined to believe Georgia has arranged a kind of an estimate I feel metrical response it's cool it's a very simple Chinese essentially are saying okay so the whole world economy loops on China standard part and now we will arrange a good war yeah quarantine and let's see what happens your economy when nothing goes anywhere from China therefore be so kind of S. buyout products or try to quickly still real production and I can assure you that you will lose their keys two or three and maybe one call yes movement to do that and he will be overseeing other stock markets that simply no time and I think that the financial liberal globalist cartel slash deep state I think you have the Chinese position in this sense which is why as far as I am concerned again from a conceptual intelligence quiet because I'm a doctor of conceptual intelligence which means we'll create models that you find this future that I would call one of our listing is a combination of the deep state globalist in China working together and the logic is simple and clear give the American economy collapse of the people behind trump bill Lewis troubles and another president will be elected maybe by you or maybe whoever anyone but trump in two thousand the twenty dead no documents to prove what I'm saying this is a hypotheses but it makes perfect sense the special you can look at the overall picture of the global systemic collapse because we got to see what that one two thousand eight it's what they call the deep subprime crisis doctors collapse it really wasn't that at all it was the initial step into what we see right now the meltdown over systemic crisis proportions which means the entire edifice over global economic model is about to collapse and you know what the scary part is for the first time in very very very very long time we have no model to replace this call up exactly and I'll tell you what else is strange Daniel couple things one where this coronavirus occurred which was in Wuhan China the Chinese by the way are now trying to accuse the us through the U. S. army of developing this and planting it in Wuhan that's another story but there was a viral lab in Wuhan that we apparently gave three point seven million dollars to in a grant to work on corona viruses years ago and then here's the weird part two thousand ten the Rockefeller Foundation predicted a pandemic in two thousand twelve well they were eight years too early Bill Gates in two thousand seventeen talked about a pandemic Fauci the infectious disease guy who's with president trump all the time predicted in two thousand seventeen that there'd be a pandemic with this administration don't you find all those weird I do I'd like to discuss your said quote you the impression of the visa many convenient that that's what's up that's kind of appropriate anyone with you about what we see right now yes I do know the report is the Rockefeller Foundation to the knowing L. and then G. old that was two thousand and ten and they got exactly the scenario is a carbon copy of what happening right now they're projected for two thousand and twelve February two thousand and twelve was supposed to start school for last three years you spoke of southern half million dead.

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