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Hello teen creeps listeners. Come with me on this magical journey if you will imagine a holiday season where you get to escape. The long lines crowded parking lots. Pushy salespeople sounds like a holiday miracle right while that's exactly how everyday can be with Mitt mobile this year. Skip the lines and skip. Get the hassle when you shop with mint mobile the online wireless provider that delivers unbelievable savings directly to you for a limited time. Mint mobile is offering the best. Deal in wireless save up to forty percent on their three-month phone plans starting at fifteen bucks a month mit mobile's holiday deal is only here. For a limited time for fifteen bucks a month you get twelve gigabytes of four G lt data plus unlimited nationwide talk and text. That's forty percent off their standard rate. And you can use your own own phone with mobile plan and keep your same phone number along with all your existing contacts. That was something that I was pretty scared about because I was like never changed my phone before. I don't know how to change over. A SIM card. I am. I going to get to keep my number. That's really important to me. I got to keep my number. They've got tutorials online that make it one two three easy peasy to Change Your Sim card. It literally literally took me under five minutes to switch over to mid mobile and if you're not one hundred percent satisfied mint mobile. has you covered with their seven day. Money back guarantee not so. Take advantage of this mobile. Before it's gone to get your new wireless plan for just fifteen bucks a month and get this plan shipped to your door. Fo- free Goto OH TO MINT MOBILE DOT com slash teen creeps. That's M. I. N. T. O. B. I. L. E. DOT COM slash teen creeps. Cut Your Wireless Bill to fifteen bucks. Talks a month at MIT MOBILE DOT COM.

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