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Men's national team. And you think you're going to have more of the ball, you want to pass out of the back than maybe John Anthony Brooks comes into the team. He struggles going forward and back. Is athleticism, but he's the cleanest player on the ball. If not, maybe it's Mark McKenzie, but Mark McKenzie has been iffy defensively. And who does he partner with? And then you look at walker Zimmerman and his ability to just come forward and dominate in the air and chase players down in all those things. Richards can do all of that. And so I think Chris Richards, if he can elevate himself to a level to be able to play alongside miles Robinson, he can be a huge solution for the U.S. and he's such a young player that you want to give him opportunities to prove himself and to learn. What we've seen over the course of this cycle is Timothy way. I had an awful game against Panama and now he's the best player on the U.S. must national team. It takes some time. And these are learning experiences for these players. So Chris Richards made sense, and I thought he was solid in this game. Most of what Mikel Antonio did was down the left and that's kind of what he's done in his three games for Jamaica. So I guess I could say that's what he always does. And Leon Bailey didn't really find that much space and credit to Anthony Robinson as well for kind of locking him down a couple of times. So I thought Richard's had a solid game with busio talked a little bit about him getting bypassed in midfield and the battles and all that stuff. I think busio is a guy in going back to this is concave Franco qualifying. It's a crappy field in Jamaica against javan Watson, who could be his father and everyone's playing super physical. I don't think this is a game for John Lucas. I don't know that it ever will be. Maybe he'll be good enough at the things he's great at to survive in a game like this, but I think with the options you have for the U.S. because you're not looking at two guys, you could have gone with kamikaze. You could go with Sebastian legit, obviously if mckenney's healthy, he's an option, Christian rolled on. Hasn't gotten a start in the entire tournament. And he's one of the best central midfielders in Major League Soccer. You do have other options for guys who I would say fit this game better. But at the same time, I think if you go into Europe and you play someone, you know, if you play Germany, the busio maybe is the better player for a game like that. So I think it was a tough situation. He got put in. But everything Greg berhalter has said over the last ten days is he believes busio is a key part of what this team can be..

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