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This week is me McCormack. According to her bio meat is a real food maven. A community. Food advocate a restaurant or a rancher a mother and the author of two books my kitchen cure and my pinewood kitchen about healing your body with food. I was turned onto her restaurant kitchen. But my clients are expensive. Who's an investor in Pinewood eat? It is the perfect place for me because all food allergies are accommodated for including mine of gluten free dairy free all mixed into southern home cooking not to mention that me is just one of the coolest women and I love her story and journey a fighting her own intestinal disease that killed her and healing her body with food. Seriously if you can. You should buy her cookbook after tasting the food at Pinewood. I got it the second I heard. It was full of her recipes of literally already planned out my menu for next week. Here's our conversation. I was telling you before this that I've been reading your book and Cookbook My Pinewood kitchen all week. And it's so incredibly fascinating to me like we were talking. I totally geek out on using food to heal our bodies and so to us so you essentially learned to cook in order to heal years right. Yeah I was dying. I weighed eighty pounds and I couldn't eat food or drink water and I became a chef to save my life. Wouldn't you couldn't even drink water? No I had an alteration a total circumference of my small intestine and I couldn't I was so when you have an ulcer like that nothing the intestines your so swollen shut that nothing can go. Buy them without causing tons of pain. It's like a big gaping wound in when it's the total circumference. It means it can rupture at any time in kill you three even able to function at all. I have no idea how I functioned as long as I did. I had two babies A big life. We've I've led a very big life and I have no idea. My mind is stronger than my body and I do believe the body follows the mind. Yeah well let's talk about. Let's take it back a little bit. Because ideally you just mentioned your big life and I totally related to all of that that talk about your life at that point but I wanNA talk a little bit about your childhood. I because you're you're fee issues with foods sort of started then right. Yeah I mean. I was born with an interception meaning. The intestines collapsed inside of themselves and so the day was born. I'm someone then what the day was born. They were like she's GonNa die so actually my grandfather introduce me. Most of my life is the one that almost died and I never really got with that net but I think it gave me freedom. That's fine so Kooky but I've always known that my time was borrowed so yes I but then once I got sick when I was older so I had a major surgery earth. I was one of the first infants to survive that surgery My mother had Crohn's disease when In the eighties and I watched her live a very very painful life and died when I was a teenager. My I didn't get on. I healed from the surgery at birth but I had a lot of food allergies dairy now we know EAC And other things but I was born in the northern Appalachian Mountains and My mother was a single mother and when she was well she worked as much as she could and when she was sick and hospitalized we starved and so I was raised as I say his fish sticks and food stamps and So there was no silver spoon. There was actually an empty spoon in my mouth. Most of my life. Which is what probably drive you to want a really big life later right. Well then I think once everybody died what people don't know about me is that then when I was just on the verge of eighteen. My mother was Did Not Diachronic Z. She was killed in a car accident and then a week later my two best friends were killed in another car accident and then three days later my grandmother died so I I was alone in the world and I always knew that our time was quicken fleeting and so for me. It's always been getting after having a big life which does not equate external. It means big living. Tell us more what you mean by that. Like what did you do after these deaths happen to felt alone knowing? I'm half Latin and raised very Catholic so The first place I went was a convent. That did not work out. And then from there you know I lived with an aunt and uncle in DC and they were Super Bohemian people and they didn't have children and they gave me a space to get on my feet. And then I like most people. I wanted to be super-normal. I had all this heartbreaks. All I wanted to do is Mascot. In some form of normality normality and Went to the University of Maryland. And then I moved to New York City and I lived in Los Angeles and then I lived in tel-aviv in and out of Tel Aviv. For six years Israel and in Mexico City and I always with someone that said yes I just I am that person. I'm like okay. I mean I wanted to be Margaret Mead. When I was fourteen and I was big into anthropology at fourteen and then I always thought in college had everyone not died. Would I have finished school and gone to the Peace Corps but I guess my tastes core in my aboriginal study is on my farm and I loved though because now we know. Obviously you're in Pinewood but I loved reading that you're working in Hollywood as an assistant stylist and you've done so many different things you are a writer I mean. What did you ever think your path would end you up in Pinewood Tennessee? No I mean that's the thing I was living in Hollywood I was I moved to. I left New York City. The plan was to go to fit and then for the summer job. I left Maryland. Ajab opened up for me in Los Angeles To be an assistant stylist to one of the largest commercial television commercials stylus and so I took it not even really knowing what that would look like and I loved it I love the story of us is humans so I loved the director sitting with us and telling us. This is their middle-class. This is the income they make. This is the house they live in this. It's a Gulf Smith. You know it's this commercial and I love doing the hunting in the gathering and I've always been someone who can put something together with whatever of God and so I turned out to be pretty good as only an assistant stylist. But you know for me. I'm also again back to live in a big life. I've always believed and still do that. Where I'm at is where I have arrived so I had arrived a worked as a bartender at night and my goal was really to be a writer than I became a writer for hire writing treatments and different pilots and when someone would option the rights to books for people so I had a little. I had a little writing gigs on the side and bartending in assistant styling and I mean in truth. I thought I had made it. Listen I'M GONNA come up so the fact that I had my own car and a great apartment next to the Grove. I was killing it okay. That's what I was thinking that though because coming from where you came and then to live in La and do all these things I mean. I'm sure that felt so glamorous so I guess my question is how do you then go from that to Pinewood Tennessee population? Two hundred. I mean really.

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