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I don't think I'm alone when I say that. That album had a profound impact on girls everywhere. It came at the height of grunge and through the domination of Nirvana and ace of base and smooth RB GROUPS. This heart-wrenching lyricist a young girl. Who Sang exactly what she saw. When I told my friends I'd be talking to jewel for the women. I was flooded with text messages. All of them were calling what it felt like to hear someone singing about emotions heartache. And inequality exactly as they saw and experienced themselves pieces of you didn't chart immediately and after two years when jewel became Bob. Dylan's opener her. Single who will save your soul finally got played on the radio well since then pieces of you has gone platinum selling over twelve million copies making it one of the most successful debut albums and it's even been listed in the rock and Roll Hall of fame and Jill describes how songwriting really opened up. This whole new world for her was my first taste of vulnerability was my first taste in the power and the freedom that the courage to be vulnerable allows you welcome to the women are production of iheartradio. Myself rose read today. I'm speaking Joel Kilter. Originally from Alaska Jewel has released a dozen albums over two dozen singles and has published several memoirs. Her interests has been on her journey from homelessness to fame and over the past decade. She's focused on breaking the stigmas around mental health. Making resources in tools and strategies more accessible mental health has been. I BELIEVE OUR WORLD'S BIGGEST CRISIS. Because if you look at issues. That seem very unrelated. Let's say me too. In Gun violence or a opioid addiction and suicide rates or apathy. Environmental Pollution They seem like really different causes. But to me. The underlying thing. The elegant solution is mental health and during the Cova outbreak jewel has been raising money for homeless youth live streaming concerts in partnership with her never broken charity. Music and songwriting are still passion for her. She just released a new single grateful and has a new album. That's coming out. But her primary focus has always been very clear to her. I will do this if I make myself one. Promise that my number one job is to figure out how to be happy. Still my number two jobs to figure out how to be a musician. I spoke to jewel over the phone and I wanted to know how her pursuit her pursuit to write songs. And saying and just be happy where that really began and her adolescents..

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