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After hearing it could be torn down after over seventy years. Chad Cline and Ricky Nichols. Tell news eight they won't fix the bar up. But keep it as it is. They say anyone can rip down replace a structure, but you cannot build a historic dive bar a man was arrested Thursday after entering the north county Bank ordering everyone to the floor and telling workers to call nine one one to report a robbery in progress. Sheriff's officials say the suspect didn't make any threats or display any weapons but just waited for deputies to arrive San Diego attorney Mike Aguirre says he wants the FBI to investigate violations of handling of radioactive waste at the Senate for nuclear plant. Aguirre tells KTBS that safety violations could be criminal behavior. If it's seen as being willful. It's clear and forty nine degrees. AM seven sixty K FM be talk and breaking news CBS news update. Eight thousand federal workers are. Waiting to get paid as we now her day, fourteen of a partial government shutdown last night on this vote the as are two hundred and forty one and the nays are one hundred and ninety the Bill is passed the house passed the Bill to pay them and to fund homeland security on an interim basis, but without the funding for the president's border wall. Republican Congressman Tom price. Democrats are terribly worried about who gets blamed for the shutdown. Frankly, I don't care who gets blamed this fight to keep drugs off our streets and out of the hands for children. It's a fight to keep our community say it's a fight for higher wages for hardworking Americans is a fight work having democratic congressman Henry coir. We just got gotta look at the right way of securing the border. I wanted to work with you. We want to work with you. But the wall is a fourteenth century solution. We can do better than that CBS news update. I'm Matt piper..

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