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Off the notes. The morning of the events. So whatever's happening that day. We'll there was morning their morning session and evening session. I'm getting the notes for the morning and the evening in the morning and it really stressed me out and so i did actually ask david. Monty was like if you can provide me anything ahead of time. That would really help me when. I have downtime in the afternoon to start prepping for something down the road and he was like so nice. Which is like you know. I'm not supposed to do that. But like i i'll i'll send you what i have. But they're just rough because he sends them in and then they get edited down to like the notes that we get so that helped a lot. I felt like that mean the men's marathon notes like days ahead of time but the women's marathon notes. I literally got like it was a late night session. I got the note. And then i had you know i think i got up. I can't just read notes until i fall asleep. I have to decompress every night. So i think i got back to my hotel room at like ten thirty that night. I decompress for like hour. I went to bed around midnight. I got up at three. Forty five to study has started at six relaxing. But you know and one thing i i did learn was that i am like a lot of runners super type a. and perfectionist wanna know every single athlete in the field and i wanted to win. They started running in who got him into running and if they have a family and what i've learned is sometimes that's too much like an fifteen hundred races over in four minute though i perhaps i'm over preparing but that's just my personality rather be over prepared and then you know there was a pack of twenty percent blake. There is a big pack. We storyteller. we could talk about malindi. Elmore could talk but once it started to like narrow down. there's really just like six or seven women and even though that was confusing because we had one hundred people on notes. And i'm trying to just find pages that just have the people that are laugh it. It's not as i think. I make it more difficult than it needs to be. Sometimes basically what. I'm saying that's where my entire life i do. Everything like does that really matter like. I had read all these articles on the kenyan ethiopian team and like all of the women dropped out the name dislike. Okay like i have all this information in my head that at this point is it necessary and also. I'm supposed to be talking about the moves in the race than i'm supposed to be talking about. Why is the pack falling apart. What did that last. que split. Tell us like and so yes. I definitely over prepare and you don't auto has been doing this for so long. I think two thousand seven world championships. As i one and he told me i want to challenge myself so i'm using notes this year like i wished nevada was. You gotta go gotta go study. That does not sound like a fun. Challenge to me at all. No give me all. I'm the complete opposite. So i'm going to go study so it was harder than the trials but in a different way. What if this is sort of unrelated. The marathon is along race What if you have to go to the bathroom. Can you not do they talk to you about that in your training yet. No i went to the bathroom right before we went on air and then i mean there was a bathroom right outside the booth so technically on a commercial break. I could've i did. But i like didn't drink anything. I drink. small of a coffee author joined it. I was so a million degrees out sweating sweating and that was like early morning. The sun was baking down on us and they were trying to cover us and then leaves like you can bring a hat. I'm like no as he pulls out his hat and puts it on events later. I was making fun of him so bad because he offered her. She didn't want them like you did not offer me if i had one. It's like i was having a hard time seeing my monitor at times too but that was all my fault because i should have brought a hat. We were given hats tonight. But now you know for the next one. Yeah so with the. I want to know how you decompress. You mentioned decompressing at night. What was your routine for decompressing. Oh yeah. I can't just like i've never been able to shut it off and go to sleep or like just be track twenty four hours so i my husband's at my computer up with a i can't. I'm not sure what it's called the van or something be something. Vpn yesterday so it looks like i'm in the united states and so i would watch real housewives. I'd watch an episode or two n abroad like a two family size like like you give out at halloween Bags of like chocolate. Like the crackle and the chocolate dark chocolate and so i just sit there and eat some chocolate and watch them filth and it would just help me. Calm down decompress. Stop being tense from races. I mean like. I would be nervous about the races the next morning and i also was on a high from that just ended so it was like i had to do something like bring myself down. You know so because of your accommodations in your quarantine since you never got to break quarantine. Did you ever get to see emma or any of your friends. That were competing. I just think we talked last time. About how close. You are with emma coburn. Did you get to see her at all. No and the at her final. I wanted to go down. Because there was a section that i could get you where they would walk through media and i told my producer. I wanna go try to find emma and she was like okay but i can't release to yet so that race was going to be shown on prime time so they had to make sure it was really clean Audio on it and everything. We said that we didn't have to like say a line or anything and it was about twenty minutes before i was cleared iran down there and i had missed her off. She left ten minutes ago and they're like she hung out here forever and so I actually like texted her and tried to find. You couldn't find you. And i had told her sister like i will find her. I will give her a hug. but no. I couldn't find her and then by the time. I got back to my hotel room. We started communicating with each other. But we couldn't actually see each other. Oh my gosh. It's like kind of torture. Yeah it was awful yeah. I was like jess clear me god. So which races were you either as a commentator or just a fan of the sport which races were you most excited for. Oh my gosh. I thought that i would just love the women's ten thousand because you not that often you see two world record holders from the same season go head to head and so. I thought that would be my favorite but it was awesome. But it wasn't my favorite like the women's four by four favorites. This like amazing. All-star cast in. You know i actually would go over for those big races that i liked. 'cause i really like the way that auto and lee and sonya call them feel like they bring on a lot of energy and knowledge so i would go over and just put my headset on and sit next to them in my pajamas and then go back to my hotel room because i wanted to hear it in their voices at really love that i thought the women's fifteen hundred was so exciting to me. I thought the men's five thousand super exciting. And obviously i think the women's marathon just because molly sidled just as an american made it so exciting to watch you know and as was progressing. There's a good chance she's going to end up. Fourth and i don't i need. I don't want the audience to think that's a disappointment. You know so. I was like like kind of starting to get bad like.

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