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Would snag. Samplers there was like b c samplers and tooth and nail samplers. And stuff like that. You can get for a couple bucks. And then there's also you know learning about the christian bookstore covers of albums if there was ever a controversial cover than christian bookstores would get a different cover of the album. And i remember hearing about that for the first time as it related to the p. o. d. fundamental elements of south town which there is nothing like violent or sexual or scandalous about the cover at all with the exception of like there was some stuff on it that they thought was to like mystical or like maybe ag looking was trinity signers. Something i thought that was not even that. But there's like there's all these all sorts of like of mystical elements going on and the christian bookstore version is almost all just a solid black box in like a small piece in the center was all that was left. And that's that's wild to me that they did that. But that's we've learned other about other bands that people said like oh. Yeah there's alternate covers to this or this album was banned because it it looked it was too violent or they'd cut songs from some versions of the releases can like mx px. The mx px live album didn't have the ramones kkk. Took my baby away. Because i guess the kkk was was not pot was not okay at the time now. The essential church is pretty much given their stamp to all things white nationalist these days it would seem but yeah i. I didn't grow up with with a bunch of record stores near me. It was all christian bookstores. Best buy or like a us used cd stores and stuff and you weren't really finding a lot of christian christian stuff in there. At least i wasn't but here in the twin cities. You've got all kinds of sick record stores. So john john was. John was living that dream. Hours as paul cheapo spent coming through. Ucd's looking for just the right one right now. I'm i mean. I'm having flashbacks to like out while you're talking. I was like what was the layout of arlington we had when it was all the cds. Were in the very back. Yeah it was just a mall store on the first floor next. jc penney. we're all good. Music lives right. You really should have applied because at least my lympstone mike. I felt a lot of money back because they gave me like a thirty. Five percent does count on brexit mace. Get that those sweet. Cd discounts footprints in the sand framed posters. That you can hang up next chapter kincaid in the front and music in the back. That's what.

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