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Humane Society hi there hi let's be kind to animals week yes your cat your cats right there is a lead picture cat I have been okay so lose should be and I you know just what connectors and stuff that you sent over and the first item on the list for talk about be kind to animals week is adopt don't shop at night and it just harkens me back to the days when I would go to the mall and and go to watch the puppies in the at the pet store or the kiddies at the pet store does that do they are they're still stores like that that's where people go and buy puppies and kitties with unfortunately yes and in Utah especially there's a change that has opened up for locations so it's it's the continual message that we want to stand out that when copies are sent to stores are generally taken from irresponsible breeders who are just letting their dogs breed continually to sell the puppies and make money or from puppy mills and a new destination a lot of poppies from out of state here to Utah consult these stores so we want owners can now when you're looking for Pat to research whether getting attacked from there are thousands of homeless pets in shelters and rescue groups that need home so if you choose to adopt him give a home to that animal verses producing more for profit in someone's pocket it definitely helps to reduce that population problem that we have with so many animals if you get up a path of poppy Acadie from the Humane Society you can be generally be assured that that the animal is is healthy and has a has a a good chance of being healthy as it continues to grow where as many I think many of those pet stores they don't care about that right Hey there's something in Utah it's called a pet lemon law and there's really no guarantee when you buy an animal that they're going to be healthy and it's a living animal but pet stores are not responsible if you have any health problems they won't do anything necessarily it's like you drove the car off the lot so to speak here they you talk me through Friday we do have you know a chance for you to bring the past back for a veterinarian take a look into what we can and it it just comes down to a lot of behavioral medical problems with in breeding animals that you see in pet stores and yes when you get just that much from the shelter a lot of times they're healthier and what we want to dispel that myth that shelter animals are all unwanted or abused or neglected they didn't come to the shelter by any fault of their own generally speaking it's an owner who just can no longer take care of their pad for them moving or have allergies and the animals of this runner cast are great family pets just looking for a second chance the new home and there are purebreds if you're looking for a specific breed well I mean let's say you can help you find that yeah you can wait I mean if you you could if you have something specific in mind the Humane Society I think may not have it at the moment but you could almost be sure that the that you will find the kind of animal dog or cat you want from the Humane Society if you just wait right absolutely they say across the country twenty five percent of the animal shelters are pure bred and that because some people that buy from a breeder and then they surrender but we do get tons of puppies and kitties and so if you are looking for a copy please don't buy one from the store wait until you see one come to a shelter because there will always be those letters when people don't spend either Pat and those loose litter come into shelter when we have to find homes for all of the animals so please just support local shelters and the Humane Society ties a non profit so everything that we do for the community to help the Pat comes from your support as well as we had the girls take that box of kittens out to the grocery store and they were sitting there all day and they didn't sell well in good way yeah don't do that yeah don't so and then be it be kind to animals week we always talk about spaying and neutering that's that's important but I like this other thing here just treat animals with compassion and respect yes a hard lesson for some people you know and it's something that's so important to start teaching your children are young and hi I don't know I think it was Gandhi if you believe some of the close I think he's the one that says that the greatness of a nation is judged by how we treat animals with the animals are dependent on us they're innocent and how we treat them and care for them and provide you know love and respect it says something about us and we truly believe that so it's just one of those things that if you model that behavior to your children and teach them that no living creatures who are just giving you unconditional love and not text you so much for us we know this so we will you know they deserve the same in return no no I'm I'm I'm I get kind of irritated with my cat well during the show one of my comes over and once once he finally wakes up well now it's time for attention so you want to build on his nose into my leg while I'm trying to do the show yeah and I help all paid him a little bit many keeps daughter you know and I finally do have to tell him you just have to go away now but if it showed him he yeah yeah go ahead if you are seeking new patients to their teaching your good lessons it's a I think my my frustration with him also amuses it makes me laugh at myself that I get frustrated with it because he's just a cat you know we don't sleep the thing that the fascinated me and I didn't learn this until just a few months ago I think it was the last time we had you on the show that the Humane Society of Utah Utah Humane Society is it does not receive any a state or federal funding and it's not a branch of the United States Humane Society it's it's own animal so to speak there were a local private five oh one C. three nonprofit organization just here in Utah and so we're here to provide care for you top hat and the name Humane Society is not trademarked it simply kind of a definition of what we do like the SPCA and so a lot of people if they think they're donating to the national Humane Society that helping us and it's a hard message to spread but no if you donate locally that's going to be best to help the local pack and everything we do comes from donations to win one more quick question somebody's asking in our text line when is the Humane Society going to start doing spay and neuter is again I don't are you go yes with the new changes that the governor has made we are doing spinners again we're just catching up on a lot of the appointments that we have to I'm still in the past month so we're we're going to start taking new appointments what is booked out quite a bit but if you do contact us you can get more information about that but thank goodness we have we have didn't they need or surgeries again which is very important for.

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