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. A party on a train, man. Day night and weekend, we keep you up to date on the news traffic and weather, this event also serves a greater purpose as a toy drive. We like to be able to provide them with a toy with fun with something that they can give to their kids in the Christmas tree. It's one more reason why we're the Bay Area's number one news station. All news all the time, right here on K CBS. First for traffic, we've got a Sam trans bus crash in the lot that Sarah Monty will get late details now from Victor. Yeah, this is actually coming from north county fire authorities. They just tweeted a bit ago and went matter of fact we even retweeted a some information and a video if you want to see it on our Twitter at K CVSA MFM traffic, the Sam trans bus, Crescent to multiple vehicles at ceremony center on the target south side parking lot and the sheriff department is also asking to please avoid the area during their investigation and that they're going to be out there for a couple of hours for a few hours conducting an investigation. That's right officer ceremony boulevard right by the Wells Fargo that sits in between the target in that parking lot as well. At the moment I'm looking to save money boulevard and I'm sure there's a lot of Christmas shoppers as it is already so it is pretty tight through that area and I'm sure it's going to get really, really busy so again if you can just avoid the area officer money boulevard right by the target the south side due to a Sam trans bus that hit multiple cars and it looks like a few people already been transported to the hospital and we'll keep you up to date with everything on our Twitter at case CBS AMF from traffic. As far as two 80 passing that scene there north and South Bend looking really good passing ceremony boulevard north you're looking good through daily city all the way in San Francisco and if you're trying to leave on the lower deck of the bay bridge, you're going to be very heavy from one O one north bend right around Vermont street to the lower deck. Your next traffic update at one 58 on the traffic leader kcbs. Hey, good afternoon, meet her all to scheduler birch here daytime highs today are pretty chilly after that cold front came through yesterday morning. We're only in the low 50s in San Francisco

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