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He decided to sweeten the deal like rear pokey more a Dell foxy the X. Agreed-on X.. Two on tally ex. I asked the Dolans specifically I need to know which pokemon cards and he said why. And I said because I'm GONNA mention them on the show and now Dylan's all of a sudden backtracking a little bit right now realizes absolutely I have to ask Hayden cards words. Yes no it is not detail is the engine that drives journalism and storytelling. Did he start to feel like you. Maybe we're going to shame him on this show so I think he was starting to see this shape up and he wasn't sure if this was worth Adele Fox. Es Hayden although right now basking in the basking in the mention of his name is going to is. He's going to rule that he ever walked into two kinds of teens. There are the teens love to have the spotlight of adult attention gleaming on them right and then there are others who you realize the kind of what how how iffy and how compromised I think the spotlight of adult attention can be. Let's drop it. Let's drop the needle on the record right there and say these are seventeen year olds who are playing with pokemon. What is is going on? I shouldn't have graduated to cars or girls or something. The funny thing about Dylan is that he had an amazing Pokemon card collection and at some point and then he turned nine and was like. I don't need these anymore. And gave him do a buddy or gave him to goodwill or whatever you probably worth a million dollars and then we ah today in today's money. Yes are you kidding. No I think I think there might have been I think back. Then there were they were still being made by. I don't know how to Pokemon episode there at some point. They were being made by wizards of the coast. The magic the gathering collectible dose of those people and we're friendly with them and they that's a local outfit. Magic was a local product. And I think because of that you know these cards are now rare just as we said stamps and coins a rare if they have different trim or right you know so the look of the cards changed and now the old-timey ones how some cash that the fifty seven Chevy was made by Ford extremely rare. But then I think it may have happened again. We're dealing in regard into POK mon the pokemon fat at some point. Because is that what happened. The third time it happened. Yes it was pokemon go and now he's got a girlfriend and they go play pokemon go with with her parents. Pokemon go to your girlfriend's house. His his girlfriend is a sweet gal and she's she's really Nice Lady and she's unclear why she's dating has been welcomed calmed into your family and a really nice way. See her around there. All the time vice versa dylan often wants to bail on whatever. Activity is because his girlfriend's parents are playing pokemon. Go what Seattle Center and we we find that kind of. That's as close as we get to some wholesome family activities so wholesome at one level but also. I don't know very concerning turning at another level if they were playing backgammon. Of course we'd be all for it. Yes yes go play backgammon with your girlfriend's dad but if you if you if your if your a girl friends dad is playing cops and robbers with you that seems like so. It's not even the tech that concerns you. It's the real life immersive aspect now like we're going to the Seattle Center to play cops robbers. The my friends parents want to count. Yeah I'll just drive down there because I'm seventeen years old so hayden presumably as also part of this strange group of of of people who almost could fighting a war but are instead to keep eventual. Cookie kids are months away from being able to vote. That's threat. These children will be able to vote many of them in the two thousand ten twenty Presidential Action Dole will not. He'll be a week away from being eighteen. which is good one? Vote for trump. Ah But but I do feel like there's a there's less Jill Stein vote. There's a kind of a trope right now among people generation X. Bummer the the Gen X. boomer access yeah where there's a lot of sort of virtue signaling. Praise for a young people that's happening in the culture like the young people are amazing. got a cover there so smart. Let's give the young people power or and I'm like do not give young people power. What are you talking about? You remember being young person like of course they seem virtuous they have no they have only like five ideas ideas. Trust several young people. I trust a neuro typical Scandinavian children. That are concerned about global warming glaciers. The very nice but I would not give that child the keys to my house they say. Will you look after my house for you. Give Greta Thunberg your Domino's pizza buzzer. I many pizzas. She would would you give Greta Thunberg the password. The computer no like Gee I wish he looks very serious. I think maybe she would do my taxes right. She seems capable. Maybe Malala would would get my I My my charitable giving order. Maybe maybe the thing is my high school girlfriend. Kelly would have been absolutely trustworthy but she was my girlfriend and she would have invited me over to your house. She would be there doing your taxes and I would be like licking the the frosting out of breath of your frosted good. When you're a parent you actually come to enjoy what what is bashed in the media as the perpetual adolescence lessons of the rising generation right? Because you don't want your kids out Trying rave-drug day trading sure You and penny stocks that all combination you want playing cops and robbers the Seattle Center. Sure because it seems like the amount of trump keeps them out of trouble anyway all this by way of saying that in ten thousand years the microbe people are going to be. You're listening to Oklahoma Lor and I think they deserve to know that Snow Valley may not have made it into the omnibus on its own merits. Because it's almost entirely down the media meme whole unless you're from northeast North Central Oklahoma. It's a fascinating story. We'll know it's interesting to me. Is that if Dylan had if dylan had the wisdom of an adult. Instead of that of a child he would have contacted me about this story. Because I would have been like both Novelli Oklahoma thanks dylan but instead he went to his dad who I mean if he had come to you with some some story about how calculus is is used as a aphrodisiac. You would have been like. Yeah sure. But it's a ski story in Oklahoma. Here's wheelhouse yeah and he loves skiing. You Love Oklahoma. Homa he picked the host. That was going to that. was going to turn this into an episode about embarrassing his kid what. You're seeing the combination of two impulses that a lot of teams have or specifically in Dylan which is his desire for things for pokemon cards and his and his fear of of you. This fear of intimidating adults. And I'm I'm curious Dylan obviously has not found collecting and playing pokemon to inhibit inhibit his his appeal as a potential mate. Right like this is not going to who inhibit his ability to breed right. Even if you're nerd friends are into your nerd hobby. You realize the girls may not be engineered hockey but that may be a relic of our generation. Yeah right I mean the the kids that I knew that. Spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make a broad sword. The assumption was that they would never have children the thing about making tekken exclusively male. Aol Province is. We often talk about how you know how it disenfranchised generations of women. That's the problem. We I still see today in in stem fields in the old boys network. That's built up around a lot of these professional angles but to think of the real victims. It's not teenage boys who could have been dating all this time if they're if they're if they're potential girlfriends had just been into star trek deep space nine as much as they were. That's right here and the thing is you know what did help You in the dating world in the nineteen eighties. At least in my experience peyote skiing skiing. And and skiing on Peyote like instead of snow or skiing under. Let's get enough peyote together that you are skiing on it. You're a big wheel. Is that a true story. Was There in Alaska in your youth. was there a lot an Ara of desirability and masculinity that surrounded skiing for whatever reason the nineteen seventies indies and eighties. Were were an era where skiing was ascendant. As a as a sport that communicated a kind of preppy upper middle classless and primarily because it's expensive and also the gear is expensive and it requires that you often travel long distances to do it and have a place to stay when you're there. I mean everything about skiing makes it not accessible and so it was a signifier of. It's a sport. The tries to keep people out that's very nature but also on a mountain. It's hard and so you exhibit prowess in addition to wealth and the prowess in a in a sexy glamorous way you know like James Bond could never play soccer against against an adversary but he could certainly only tried to out ski their henchmen and this is a great thing about skiing. And it's why appealed to me so much is that it is a solitary sport. I mean you're on a team. You're racing but but as soon as you start to move on Skis you're by yourself and you could be surrounded by other skiers but you are. You are alone. That's me all the time. You Know Need Ski Gig issue here. You're alone in your bubble until you come to a stop you know until you're down in the lodge and and and drinking hot cocoa so that appeals to a lot of people myself included loaded. Well speaking of driving long distances to have this experience this bubble experience. I take you now to Kelly Ville Oklahoma located in like like I said kind of North Central Northeast Oklahoma founded in eighteen. Ninety two by man named Kelly who Oklahoma was still Indian territory in eighteen ninety two capital. I Capital Capital T.. Indian territory on maps sure because it was the place that all these tribes were relocated because despite your insistence that Oklahoma is a great place to live. We hadn't found oil. There is no harm in placing Indians from Florida. To the DAKOTAS right. Nobody wants to live here of pre oil discovery After which we do episode on the the The osage Indian massacres of Oklahoma. And absolutely and I I don't laugh I laugh a rueful laugh right because it's a it is a sort of Tale H. H. B. O.. Is Getting into forgotten Oklahoma racism as well. They only tens of million million dollars into that watching. TV show. which is then you would think about? Oklahoma's troubled racial past. Had No idea. I haven't why I just assumed it was about the get an ink blot for a face. I don't think we can do the Tulsa massacre slash riots anymore. Just because it's common child in America now knows it. Oh Wow okay well. Maybe I should watch that show. Telly Ville Mr Kelly got permission from the bureau fairs or whatever to found a trading post or general store I get you guys get rich off the off the tribes like deadwood and grew into a town at some point You know had its own bank. You can post office and Cotton Gin. I guess must be must be cotton fields nearby but the depression hit Oklahoma. Kinda hard as you may know. And and so the population began to decline to the twentieth century for a long time it was on the storied route. Sixty six which is what kept it afloat. Oh it's on sixty six still on sixty day on. Fortunately totally sixty six sixty six. Everybody takes the interstate and that didn't help as well in fact in probably until this day the most famous thing that ever happened in Kelly Ville is the worst train disaster in Oklahoma history. History is an increasingly narrowing. So you're ready. The worst train disaster in Oklahoma Clo Homa history in the standards of American history..

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