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And it's going boom, boom, boom. He knows where he is can play the game probably with with his eyes closed. That was how good Peyton Manning wasn't his reparation. So that's a level of dedication that you're saying the other people just don't they think they are. But they don't have that. It's not natural. It's really not when he became available. And I know we had a neck injury. We had a good football team. And you know, I'm like, hey, you know, this is we're okay, we can compete with anybody and all that. But I never wanted to compete. I wanted to win. And I remember sitting back having a conversation might Tannenbaum was GM. Woody johnson. I'm like, I don't care. What it takes us. Get paid Manny why. 'cause we will be in the playoffs every single year. Look at some of these brilliant coaches, brilliant coaches, right? So you got Aaron Rodgers guess what you're going to be in the playoffs every year. How did they look last year? When he went out what they went to three games. Like how that makes the difference Tom Brady, I don't know shoot. We shut out the patriots. When he in the quarterback, you know that would have been fun. Hell, you know. Let's let's line up that will give me Tom Brady and see how many how many championships I add. But that will make you when you get a special cat like that Tom Brady Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers man, it's. Life's good in. So that was it. I wanted paid Manny on my team. So that brings us to the Brady Bella check discussion. So one of the things that I remember you saying you didn't come to New York to kiss Bella chicks absolute. But it always felt to me like you. And he had an have a very good relationship that that was my external perceptions that you guys are friends, and that you like each other do I have that. Right. You looked like friends to me from a distance hanging out at the scouting. Combine and stuff like that. Do I have that wrong? No. I mean, I think there's obviously a great deal respect. I have for for ballot. Check. I know he's the best coach in the history of the game. There's no question about it. You know, friends, probably not. But I respect the hell out of him. Whether he respected me or not probably in in a little bit. I think he did some of his actions will tell you that he respect to respect me. So I think that's it. You know, are we are are we cordial can we talk and in in almost do like real talk about certain things -absolutely. Yeah. That's always been my perception. Not really important their way. But it leads me to the question. I'm fascinated by Bella check Brady like that is the most successful combination in the history of sports. I mean, you gotta you gotta you're having the conversation about read our back and Bill Russell and Popovich Dunkin and some of the other great. That's that's where they are. They're they're compared basically to the immortals. Do you think that they're the launch? Can you break it down to it has been more Bella chick or more Brady? Is there an answer to than man? I I mean, look your time by the greatest quarterback in a history of the game your time by the greatest coach and a history of the game. So, but but more importantly, like they're better than just the individuals. Like, you know, you know, there's some greater than than their part. Yes..

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