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No, no, no, kid, ever minded us. No day. But yeah, I I remember one winter. It was very similar to the winter. We just had the track was terrible every day and Bobby Frankel was either shed row in the horses or just walking them. And then when the track back to normal he galloped everything for like five or six days worked everything seven furlongs anyone fourteen races in two weeks time. It was incredible. And it was one of the greatest training feats I've ever seen, and it just goes to show how brilliant he was. But but yeah, I mean. You have to adjust the trainers main job is to make those adjustments along the way, and there are certain trainers that if they Markelle a work on their training chart that horses going to work in those those types of trainers are kind of falling by the wayside. That's way old. That's like one thousand nine hundred twenty s old school. You know, but but that's that's your job. It's tough to figure out when it safe, and and how to do it the best you can do it. And and you know, I trainers today. They they subscribe to that that type of training. Yeah. In my opinion is very important. I mean, they're they're all different night. They can't just try not the chart. I mean, there's very very few horses that can actually do that in come out on top. You know? And I mentioned that you've only saddled thirty seven starters to this point. Anyway, you you have the two victories from those thirty seven starters. But one of your first starters excellent sunset kind of gave you the highest high and the lowest low all in one race. Tell me about that. Oh, yeah. That that that was quite a disappointment. But at the same time, you know, it was very bittersweet. My I have a really really good team behind me. And we've we all worked very hard and for that accomplishment. Even though it was a difficult. Occasion was huge at the end of the day. It's it's horse racing. And unfortunately, that was the stuarts call, and but the Philly around awesome. And to know that even with that disqualification. We did we did get to the wire I and what what a big race to do that. Not only was it a disqualification, but it was a disqualification with what it would have been your first winner right in a stakes race. The Kathryn Crosby stakes at del mar. So that has to sting even a little bit more big time big time. And you know, he he came back for me here at Santa Anita..

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