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I decided that i would not go back to iraq in the middle of that sentence that you see on the screen you see that pause that is me sane for the first time an publicly and michael moore that i'm not going to go back to iraq and that was not a preplanned question i didn't know he was going to ask me that and at that point i had not even thought about in a would i go back or not uh and so when he asked me i as i go quick as i know in at what point did you know that people within the marines at seen it right around the time i got a call from the military know they rely w t f who egg what do you do in type deal and i had a newborn while fahrenheit night levin was making its it's rounds in uh in theater at the time the military was coming down on me it was it was a lot going on like my life literally had changed so we wrap shooting with abdel henderson and i remember feeling incredibly close to him because what abdul was doing was potentially to say that he would not go back to iraq to speak to the media at that moment in time was potentially a court martial level offence i was there i witnessed the most significant decision of his life um and i knew it in a visceral way and you can tell from the original tape the michael moore new at too i wanna play you a little bit of footage that wasn't actually in fahrenheit night eleven but kirsten johnson included it in her film of his severely trouble by around two was in jail room via the ever warrior dearly helper nor loves owner.

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