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This is episode 981. Welcome to the daily meditation podcast. I honor you for being right where you are. As you get ready to do a meditation technique, that could make all the difference in your day to give you a little more peace, energy and clarity. In today's episode, you're going to discover a meditation technique to help you improve your relationship with your self. And you'll do this and I encourage you to do this in a walking meditation. I know it's not always possible to get out there and walk. So if you can't do that, then at least open a window or a door where you normally sit to meditate and allow yourself to connect with the outdoor environment. And I am Mary McLeod. I share a different meditation technique every single day on this podcast. And this is a technique that you can do in your own meditation. I share full guided meditations, half hour meditations, on my website at sip and om dot com. It's SIP, a and D OM dot com. And that's where you can find over 900 meditations that are customized for you around weekly themes so you can explore a particular topic in depth so you can really master the quality in your life. And there you also get a journal and a guide. So you can go a little deeper with your meditation ritual. So that is always an option for you if you'd like a little bit more than a technique. Well, for the technique today that I encourage you to take into your own meditation or as you even go about your day. It is a walking meditation technique that you can do. I like you to do this because it's a way for you to close out our 7 part series. We've been exploring. This has been a series all about relationships and how the quality of your relationships has a direct influence on the quality of your health and well-being. So throughout this series, you've explored meditation techniques to help you manage relationships that might be difficult and how to nurture those relationships that feed your soul and you've also discovered insight and inspiration about how you can directly influence your health, especially your telomeres, those are like caps at the end of shoelaces. These are actually caps that are at the end of your chromosomes. And research recently has shown us that you can lengthen your telomeres, which represents lengthening your life, the longer your telomeres, the longer, is your lifespan, the shorter your telomeres, the shorter your lifespan. This has been a groundbreaking research by doctor Elizabeth Blackburn, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery of these telomeres and how they influence longevity. You've also discovered how what you do in your lifestyle and especially in relationships because relationships are one of the number one stressors how when you have nurturing relationships, this can help you to live longer. So there has been a lot going on in this series, and now today I encourage you to celebrate the last final day of the series by getting outside and connecting with your environment. If you can't, if you can't, as I mentioned, just go ahead and do your regular meditation or whatever you might be doing as you listen to these episodes and practice doing this wherever you are. So as you go out into your world, consider the meditation techniques that worked well for you. This week, and if you're just joining us, consider what it is that you might do for yourself that helps to instantly calm you. Is it a breathing technique? Is it repeating an affirmation? Is it holding your hand in a mudra or doing yoga? Or spinning time with someone who lifts you up or getting a good night's sleep. Just consider what makes you feel better, become aware of it. Listen. Our affirmation this week was listen, listen, listen. Listen to yourself, notice how you harbor stress in your life. Notice where you feel it in your body

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