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Of grade one group on winners. He's had and graded wares for the age. Make cam absolutely exemplary as broodmare sire. So what he may not have as a starring. he's more than doubled up in this little i would say absolutely outstanding. There's no doubt and and there'll be more yet. Obviously this is just the beginning of his career. Exactly and and i and i love for you in a second to riff on. I suppose you know it's the animal husbandry and the genetic codes that are involved in in any at any breed The they do this. Of course in you know with show animals but We'll come to that and the second. I thought that. Charlie brought up a fascinating aspect of this that i hadn't considered in the overall evaluation of of him. And that is that the darlie slash godolphin operation utilized a mammoth percentage of his covers. You know particularly early on and you've talked about this that in some cases it's not necessarily going to be ideal for a horse stallions commercial prospects because they're confined to the bloodlines of the organization of the outfit that is utilizing the covers. And if they don't blend if they don't if if if they're not a natural you know they don't click with with what is already in the broodmare band Then you're i don't wanna say your davao devaluing the stallion but you were. You're gonna you're making it hard for him for his intermediate commercial prospects for the for the sales team. That's out there trying to draw you outside. Mayors to him. Yeah that's a really good point and and and because it's darlie and this applies to a lot of international operations What ended up happening too. Is that perhaps a good portion of some very well bred burning dini ended up breaking your a on turf which not preferred surface to the sideline to begin with the apm desirable and so You know you don't know what might have happened. You know Raking environment play a huge role in In the success of dowie. And sometimes you find out later that perhaps those racy environment weren't optimal for that horse and in the case of Juddmonte for example with empire maker. They did the same thing. They took a lot of those empire makers with their own home bred mares to europe to race and they were not that successful okay on earth The the remainder in the united states and dirt actually ran quite well but He didn't get the full effect of that because he had so many europe right But he did well enough examples that There was interest from. Japan could pay a lot of money for that horse and he didn't do well enough for jug mark because they weren't getting the european they wanted so Empire maker was sold to japan. And here's where the story tells. Even more when empire maker went to japan with all the top way seeing you know ninety percent of all the graces of their on careful there. Even though fifty percent of the country rate is on on the art circuit and the cheaper version of racing at empire maker could not do anything over there on turf and this is why they were able to buy bringing back his environment here and of course once he got back here. He's got some great winners including some grade. One winners like eight rings for example right. So that's the rating environment. Parking go to bernardini and bernardini early on in his career had a g one winner in europe turf. Perhaps that even made the idea that you know. They might work that they did here. They did now. The positive part of the bernardini story is that a lot of those mayors. A lot of man's that garlic did have with bernardino they bred to their astounding. Sweet sense and that's becoming a looking like a really good crosses and it's early stages of maxine yielded a is an example of But you know there's a case where bernardini is going to Perhaps work quite well in that role. you know the best son of his You know he's he's had chances it said with the sorry line with some sun John or I can't remember them but you know he's got he's got some sun really have state. There's the You know they haven't really you know had traction and in that way kind of reminiscent of Kriton cya lines that fall sire the become better than desires of sires than one of those courses and of course Unbreakable song every talking about right and I'm brian and we put and bernard ganey is already week at this stage of the game. And that's saying a lot for an eighteen year old downing the the phenomenon said to to flesh out a not unusual scenario Basically a stallion getting better daughters either as runners or later as broodmares. But it it. It's obviously and secretary. It is brought up. I think most often in in modern the you know as a modern example You know where people said well secretary wasn't a great styling. No that's not fair. That's not accurate. His contribution to the breed comes differently and obviously a any breed any any animal line. So where you know. Human interaction is included a and attempts to improve the breed. You're going to get that kind of contribution because they they can all have nothing but great sons. There's got to be great daughters. Yes and and and a lot of what happens in the case of secretariat and this applies to burner dean bernardini and secretaries. Wendy stud excellent rape choices. Excellent pedigrees right. They're gonna get in their initial years at stud. Some of the pets nares on the marketplace. What is really power in the making of a good groove married fire plays a huge role. These great female family that have that have been marriage from female family. That had been bred to those downs right to secretary all the blue bloods of the breed. But brad behan family bernardini scientist start up at the top and to get the best mares and those marriage play books families behind those manners play pivotal bowl in a broodmare sire because those secretary and bernardini daughters are coming now with huge weight behind them right now contracts that the catholic was is. It's weekend of lexi. Lexi tony right edgy. One winter cap it career at blue mary. Tyler has started off lowly. And and it's getting better and you can trait that. The level of mayors that got better at he made him his own way stallion fifteen thousand dollars he was at a different altitude then burner beanie or secretary as a racehorse and as a commercial proposition has a breeding proposition. He was getting cheaper. Maher those cheaper marriage produced daughters and when they started to be bred broodmares. They weren't having the same type of success. Didn't have the big families behind now. I was saying more tap it starting to have success daughter tapping and you know why it got the bigger families behind him because he became a better stallion as it became a top stallion and established himself. He started to get the better man and He has a lag going for him. That horses like secretary bernardini. Did they got those better. Mare's beginning and had henceforth. Their daughters started the pop forces. Out right away and So that's a that's another component. So when we're looking for example at potential brood mare shires. That's one of the factors that we look in to. Where did you stay. And begin stud career and what level. And then at what point he gets good and then getting the better marriage and so we'd rather shea okay. Let's start looking at mayor some really good stallion after crop. Because that's when he started getting a better marriage rather than the first to the fourth where he was a great stallion but he made his way and he didn't have family behind it and sometimes get a bear. You want those the half the family behind you so so. That's another factor in this really complex game of very moving parts when you're analyzing you know stallion blueberry tires and whatnot it's been a part of. It's part of the mystery. The mystery of life. It's pretty funny i. It's a you watch you watch with interest than and you know. It's funny because people people latch onto horses when there on the racetrack and Then you root for them In the in the breeding shed a lot of times and I you you see people. These days they start you know. They start twitter of Feeds based on the the progeny of of whoever and It it's it's a it's a fascinating part of you know the the coda on somebody's career and you know when the news broke said friday. Jay was on with me Jay pregnant and on. I i called bernardini. Star-crossed and j. really agreed. It was funny. And then yesterday. I i asked the ruling for a reaction and i said open ended kind of thing fill in the blank where i said you know. Bernardini was and he said Bernardini is will be remembered that he said as a horse that would have been a great four year old. And so you know you. You get a sense that that is as good as he was on the racetrack and i suppose it a winning the breeders cup classic you know would have been a a obviously a glorious way to end that that three year old year what it does feel it does feel like he. He has kind of a. I don't want to call a checkered you know. But i don't want to call it a not checker. That's not the right thing. But i i started with man. I it's weird it's weird. He's the horse. I have to add that You know i guess. Date terribly dates me but I think you can check the exact day. But i figured it was at the nineteen ninety four even september yearling sale i was i was walking on grounds when when he brazilian decades and Renata gamero about because what stock came over on excited and the way his accent come shitty. It's sydney come. I have to see this silly and so we go over. It takes me over and sure enough. It says neither great filly by crying. American spread by microbes manchester farm. And its Car it's truly. That will end up being. How raphael shows philly. It's core vying for tnt. The guy who along Three chimneys farm. Right now just the guy was just story. Alba was just starting out and coronado bridge is very all brazilian when brazilian Tori by pink the year before I gone to college green with Renato i saw turrialba by young guy back then just starting out and he wanted to pellegrini with the horse called much better. That granada had picked out of a field so anyway getting back story out of shows me this. What do you think yeah. She's nine she's really nice. And then Says yeah now. I have to convince me wayne lukas so he brings wayne lukas to look at it and wayne says yeah absolutely by and so renato. They're able to get the philly phone. He's like seventy thousand dollars. She turned to macara rocky. Yellow think became. Tnt first runner of note in the united states minute tnt story had bought. The kelly met so she ran in the devils red and blue silks. Talion met at the county met farm dispersal. He actually bought the silk so he owns a silk. Anyway she ends up. You know yada yada yada and then later on she ends up being the damn bernardino and so i happened to bernardini damn as a yearling in the process of being purchased and now we're talking about bernardini death at the age of eighteen so that puts a puts a lot of things into perspective including goes by in a blink time. And you also you also provide a natural completely natural segue into the other Sire watch pettit refocus brought to you by hillsdale conversation by bringing up. Kalua met and had jackson andersen back on a. Who's really really polished. Eloquent and I was joking with them and getting him about you. Know taking a few too many clues from From doug shocks o.'neil And in his in his interaction but Talk for a second said about what you know what this means for lexa tony because the grade one win and as a son spikes down he he really stamps himself as kalua mets next marketable stallion when the when the time comes and You know for for all of the the snickering that went on when these metaphors is would show up in big spots That's over with because they're winning in these big spots and very to me it's one of the best stories in the last decade in the game is how brad kelly has refashioned calia matt and I no longer. Are you watching their horses. Saying oh i wish. They ran in the devils red and blue. Now it's the black chevrons of kalua matt and and that's fine. I don't paint the fences and the gates And they've they've re. I kind of reimagined themselves and and brad. Kelly deserves a lot of plotted and applause from the industry. Survey does and he's he's the guy on against the of doing something and you know it's so funny she circle. I mean i. I didn't know you were going to bring this up. And i just gone to. Kelly met and you segue into county met and and early on county met. It was charlie. Bono money left darlie. Went to cal matt's you know and part of the Part of the issue. At the time boise charlie johnson. A fun that was standing all the commercially viable starion farm. Where brad kelly with seemingly taking every uncommercial stallion you could possibly get and standing all sorts of oddball horses. There was a lot of snickering. Taking place about brad. Kelly on train to the game because astounding most standing just some really Stamina horses Extreme famine horses with Foreign pedigree south american pedigrees german pedigrees and some had been and so forth. But you know he he. He had a plan he stuck his gandhi. Bought a bunch of ap andy mayor. He's started off and he showed he knew what he was doing by by You know what. He did with english channel. English channel was a you know a kelly horrid lanes then originally and once he got kelly mattie came over to matt and that's where he is right now of course he started getting all these stakes winner From english channel and he bought inexpensive mayors relatively speaking and he's Bread home breads from his own. Sarrians that he's you either raise their sold. The english channels have been carrying those so should he pointed out and and now he's been breeding to some of these other stallions and commercially viable salaries. And now he's you know he's got lexi talion And you're absolutely right. This wasn't going to have tremendous commercial. Appeal he's gonna be he's gonna be next big course they're county met because he's down out of the capitol mare and g one winner and You know he follows that quite southbound rate of progression of you know winning pack winning a g. one pack the june of your teeth and for the most part Hill lyndale court has a horse mashallah. Ten who's done it beforehand. Because charles and got the victory back in the arkansas derby and of course by ten had few two year old filly that have done it as well now but for the longest time. Spike fan did not get a g one winter until past three-year-old and that maturity itself had and lexi italian learning much sound. It might sound that way. But he's also very commercial wars now and Yeah you're you're absolutely right about What you said about county met day our players you know even at thirty four to one. They're gonna have the same something and been showing it. Because that's what's amazing and and in different you know what's what's fun is different kinds of horses to the obviously The various wins in new york with through that list with the that They've granite put out on on saturday after the after the upset and jack has been involved in in the majority of them. I think three three out of five. Maybe even four out of the five But on a smaller basis some of the there was the The pat day winner. That rusty arnold had and It that's another one that's right. That's right i thought. Oh my god that's right. That's sort of it was the. Yeah that's right that's right good job. hasn't really panned out On on the science side but the year. Hot rod charlie. That's true that's true. Well don't and don't judge. Don't judge a stallion. John narrowed. Don't judge down. they'll they've had seven crops. Come on that's my i. I gotta follow that advice.

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