Mike It discussed on True Crime Garage - Tupac Shakur /// Part 1 /// 112


More of a hit that was like middle school early high school yet and we were probably still stuck in our grunge phase for a little bit of that time but okay serve you the pig favorite to pox on what would you pick i tell you what i you know i only really liked the hits of two palk but if i picked one in this is one that i would recommend to anybody because i think this this song shows his talent you know like i said i'm not big into gangsta rap but uh it sets a white woman sweat it well yeah but i like dear momma by by two back and i'll tell you why because i think i think you could listed like any style of music in still like that song like even if you didn't like rap i think you could pick up that song it'd be like our i get this i like it is that good of us all wildest throne this out there and and i think the one of the hardest things to do is take a song and remake it and make it better than their original right mmhmm at one a in a a fabulous artists of very talented artists a bruce hornsby he had the song the way this red ana to park remade that and made it into changes uh yeah i personally think that to park song is better now mike it's mahape male for that but i think he took a song to the next level and i think what he's saying is very socially relevant today as much as it was back then another song that is socially relevant probably today to is a keep your head up that's an are one that each check out if you're not familiar with his work but we'll get right back to that after this quick beer break.

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