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Now the house and senate negotiators say they have a deal on sweeping sanctions on russia that they're ready to send on to president trump is correspondent kaitlan collins according to house majority leader kevin mccarthy scheduled this bill bill as soon as tuesday to the senate after that trump's death before august the pentagon is investigating a friendly fire tragedy in afghanistan a us airstrike meant to target afghan militants instead killed sixteen afghan police officers this all coming as the us is reviewing its strategy in afghanistan and what to do in the ways ahead how it can best help the local afghan government combat the taliban and other terrorist groups in the region the pentagon is expressing condolences the nwpp says it's launching a nationwide listening tour that will help chart the future of the nation's oldest civil rights organization i'm jan johnson this is bloomberg best i'm ju gauso i'm ed baxter we've been presenting a series of interviews from this year's alan and company conference and now we're going to go back to sun valley with former general stanley mcchrystal he spoke with bloomberg's david gura let me ask you first of all about mozell we heard from the present he was speaking alongside the new french president and he talked about the victory that he's mark in mosul tinkering with them we have a we have a battle here that was hard fought do chalk it up as a victory here in the fight against isis well it was definitely a prerequisite for moving forward because it was symbolic when most will fell to isis of course it was a a real shock to people so it was necessary to take it back who is necessary that the iraqis do it and i realize it was a it was a coalition of different parts of the iraqi forces kurds and whatnot but that was just incredibly symbolic and and key what's your sense of the integrity or the strength of iraqi forces at this point of course the goal from day one was to give them in view them with the ability to defend themselves how are they doing at that now low these many years into this conflict well i think the hit a low point obviously after america laughed and then what the the rise of isis it was seeing that they were much more fragile and.

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