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You got your girlfriend needs to know that your sisters day and eventually your girlfriend will have her day so she needs to be mature and if she can't be mature kicker to play robin to batman because you're right it is the sisters day caper wallflower her whatever you do get it doesn't serve shit have a good time yeah i is long as she's not going about in ruining everything like they're couple of people that i don't like but i'm not gonna go out of their way to ruin their wedding is a fantastic party it doesn't matter like as soon as that came out of my mouth i disagreed with myself i grew in no but not any that you guys invite me to that's for damn shoes wedding would you ruin our dan oh yeah if he had married that true or of coal every married not support kobe yeah mass cry the whole time all right i'd like to ruin his sisters yeah than you put the question in and they said you could use their name than you did not use their name my bed yeah so the question goes got it just the tip question and you can use my name we could've mellow put it in here just copy and paste i recently started seeing someone a friend set me up with she super sweet very attractive has tattoos he loves ink on ladies her family is awesome and for some reason she likes him my only concern is the age difference i just turned thirty and she just turned twenty one is this what are your thoughts on dating someone younger than you and if there is such a thing as too much of an age gap age gap right here's thirty to twenty one yeah i don't even remember this question but i'm good with that you gotta do nine years as long as they can belly up to the bar i think you're and as long as you're not in different places in your life like if you were thirty with a couple of kids in a divorce and she's twenty one fresh out maybe not even if you're just looking for common things if she's twenty.

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