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Is the phone number. Pittsburgh is going to win the first ever Wednesday afternoon football game 19 to 14 Victory formation there. Can I get in some real quick? Oh, for Vito Spoiler. Pittsburgh will be number one in my top five next week, just to let you know, Ed last last week, I got the pleasure of broadcasting with your son. Yes, sir. Thank you. Very welcome. Thanks for welcoming me. Now. Were you taking a nap? Yeah. I was taking a nap that day playing. Ben Clements was in here with me, Jason. I don't know if you've seen Ben Clements mustache. Yes, I fast him in the hallway a couple times. That is my God. Man Looking Mustang. You should take some hints from your handsome sons. Mustache maybe, you know, follow along with your facial hair. I'm just saying, But you know who else has a amazing most of whom? Cold freaking McCoy, does he now? I haven't didn't notice under the helmet. Yeah, you gotta check it out. I even saw him in the game A little on Sunday. I did not notice that he was. He's rocking a staff working a stash there and let me tell you something. Me tell you something. Tell me something, You know, I think he's playing again this week. He is okay. Once he wins again, Oh Bom Bom Bom bom, But Lee's New York football giants to a Super Bowl victory he will get karma. For not winning his national champions. Oh, you'll get it. It'll be all. Yeah, That's what I think is gonna happen now. You already on this program today, said Washington was gonna win the division You fire, the team flipped the Giants. I think it's Washington. But if cold, McCoy remains the Giants quarterback for the rest of season, watch out that they'll be the sleeper spoiler pick to win it all because it's the football gods. Karma's way of awarding Hold his championship. This is his moment. I thought he played well last week didn't play well, He's probably better than Daniel Jones. They just You know, they've got a rookie. They're They're trying to make it work for fun to see him. It's good quarterback that's crazy. Uh, happy for it. I'm just Cowboys game out of first. Peter. Just the game came out on the tiebreaker versus the Giants. One heartbeat, one family. All right, let's finish on some college football. And I told you Big 10 could play some tomfoolery with the rules here. Yes, The quick, quick version on this is that you have to play six games to qualify for you. The Big 10 Championship. Ohio State has currently only played four. They're going to play Michigan State on Saturday and then they're supposed to play Michigan a week from Saturday, but Michigan it's canceled this weekend's game already with Maryland. It can't go back into the field still facility until at earliest Monday, and I'm sure there's plenty of Michigan people out there. Who would who would tell you? Again and Mia's well, It would just be beautiful if if Jim Harbaugh just took a knee on the season covet and said, Yes, sorry we got too much covet over here. We can't play Ohio State, and that would mean that they Ohio State couldn't get to that six game threshold, and they could not play in the Big 10 championship. What does that mean for the college football playoff to be determined, But We just saw Barry Alvarez on TV. He's the athletic director at Wisconsin saying, Well, the big 10 might change that might change your mind to get together and have a meeting 10. Wisconsin's only played three conference games, free games and total Reno. Yeah, Times two and one, but yeah, so I see his motivations as well that he would like to get himself into that into the championship game as well. But I believe I don't have this in front of you. But I believe all of the commissioner, all of the you know the school. Ladies have to agree. Are you looking at the standings? Who would it be? Would it be Indiana in the western Indiana's five and one in conference? Northwestern is five and one in now, with their A D ever agreed to change the rules. Actually, exactly would say no, We're not gonna do it. You guys made rules at the beginning of the season. We kept our brown nose clean. Can you imagine Indiana and Northwestern plane for the big 10? Football championship. Wow. Which would be well basically fun game except follow their own rules. They should, but they won't It would be a good game. Indiana lost their quarterback. Yeah, that's that unfortunate there. I think I don't know Jake you No one. No one's where they? Yes, there then they'll say, Look, it's a weird year. It's an unprecedented year. And the NFL has, you know, talked about May I? You know what? Maybe we'll have 16 playoff teams. Maybe about 14. Maybe 20 NFL should just say OK. We're gonna delay the Super Bowl for a couple of weeks. And if it gets bad, it's gonna get bad. And just what what? What? Z along and say, Same for college football. They're so insistent. We talked about this yesterday. But I don't know if you've seen this. But they announced the college football playoff did that They're making their decision on December the 20th that all of the conferences have agreed. But for whatever reason they can't play their their championship game. If covert wouldn't wipes it out on December 19th. That's the date for almost every one of them. Then they will they have AH, win percentage or whatever Go buy this record. They will click me Cup Crown co champions and that means that they are free to make their decision on December the 20th. Which is great, but I'm like, Why are you so insistent on doing it like, why can't you delay things slow things down. If you want Ohio State and so bad, let them play two games in January and then exactly know we'll have a little covert deal. We're in a covert deal. I know. But see, That's the deal. J. If you do that TV gets involved because the NFL plays We'll be playing on Saturday on Sunday by that time That will be in play. Also, do you know it's a new semester? That means that means something. Athletes got a study here e like that, But now you're going to see I think you actually you would see some or cause me cadence turn situations they're not not from the teams in contention. But if you know if you're on two and four, Michigan, uh do you want to go play them in January? So that you if you've graduated? Sure, if you're you know, playing, we're learning remote. Remotely. Whatever. Do you want a dead man walking then that game for hardball? Wow, Wee Doing? He's done. I think he's done. I think they get Matt Campbell. I think Matt Campbell stays in the Midwest. I think I think he goes to Michigan. Okay, Unless I interest you in some Jim Harbaugh be no. Nothing. You can I interest you in anybody who's not named urban I have to think about it. I'm I don't think that there's not just anyone out there waiting. You have to go steal them. I'm still saying, Sonny taxes I'd be on the staff. But be real radio. You know where that Clemens his position while Caymans are Bingo entertainments are Mexican barbecue and beers are that's what I do. You're gonna say Quality control. Do you know what that job does? Yes. Why a lot less. I'd be a boring job of analyzing tape and things like that. I'm not that I'm okay. Well, yes, Jason. I control the quality quality of the law. Longhorn football team. Beer barbecue. Uh, chicks..

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