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Around the stage. It was less a Broadway musical, more a raucous revival. I will find there's this amazing feeling when music like that is all around you. When there's a whole group of people who are making the music. It's not just like one soloist or something like that. This collective thing that gives it this extra energy. Fern's latest theatrical experience may be his most unusual yet. It's an interactive journey into his past cold theater of the mind, produced in collaboration with the Denver center for performing arts. Audience members get random name tags and are led on a semi autobiographical tour of burns memories like this outer proportion kitchen makes anyone in it feel like a child. Do this with me. Hold your hand in front of your face. The show is full of surprises, the audience takes part in some of them based on neuroscience experiments. We agreed not to give them away, but they make you question your own perception, and perhaps your memories. It is dark in here. Theater of the mind ends in a replica of his parents attic, like burns life, the show tells a story about how over time our identities are malleable and how we all have the capacity to change. We're never stuck. You can change the story any time. Isn't that nice? I like that idea that you can change your story. You can change the narrative. It would be a horrible world if people never change for their entire life. Or they were an angry person or an upset person or depressed person, and it's like, that's your fate, but that's not true. Do you think you've changed that much? I feel like, yeah, I'm a very different person than I was when I was young. Were you conscious of those changes? Sometimes my friends would say, you're really different than what you used to be when I first met you. You were really different person now. By the way, were they saying that in a nice way or was that being yelled out of the top of their lungs? It was a nice way. It was like, wow, you've really changed

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