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They're from because we had so many yeah so having that those principles so that was super challenging and i remember sitting with five friends my best friends from college and we'd we'd take a ski trip every year and we were sitting poconos. No no more action now now. The go-to speeches we go west actually don't know what he's skiing here. It is easy. It's it's not good. <hes> i only started just giving us thirty two but i remember we were sitting there and we all said what would you like to change in this upcoming year just in a conversation and everyone answered and he came to me you and i said i think i'm doing everything right. I think i got it all handled while i think i'm i'm working on my business. I'm working on my health. If i'm working on my spirituality i'm working on my relationship on just great and i came home from that trip and i think literally there was a light switch of just just that's when every challenge started coming wow so i think it's almost comical that what your ego will allow you to believe steve i the reality that sets in and i think ever since then i'm just more much more cautious and much more checks and balances. I had no checks and balances owns is to feel that way. It was just a feeling and that's a challenge between gutten data right like i'm a big. I'm a big guy but you better have like that's that's like <hes> if you run a five minute mile but i can run a ten minute mile but i got g._p._s. of where we're going to but you're running in a circle so you may be more more of an athlete than me but without that g._p._s. You don't know where we're going to reach that mile point so i think data as i've gotten into my late thirties and now in my forties using data to support my gut is the best balance of both in any one in any extreme is a terrible way hey to do business me. It will work once in a while but if you wanna keep if you want a good batting average right doesn't work yeah. It doesn't work as true man. You got another data of live okay..

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