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The dollar move because of course about a month ago we had that few that it was a vote of confidence in the administration but you've started to see a little bit more strength coming through in the us dila yeah so so the federal reserve is the only central bank which is de facto tightening relative to the bank of japan the ecb and the bank of england and so the dollar should be a lot stronger than it is by the way that's the first thing the second thing is i think that there is an underlying lack of confidence in what's happening with the runaway budget deficits and sort of policy in general and so i i think the dollar's responding more to the policy incoherence than anything else very quickly paul in ten seconds where should i be looking in fintech right now what is the hottest thing that you're seeing okay so the hottest thing i'm seeing in fintech would be southeast asia indonesia you need to be looking at the emerging markets and not at the developed markets because that's where the greatest gains are going to get made whole thanks so much for joining us that's post show founder and editor sheltie research with us in our hong kong studio here on bloomberg daybreak asia where we are seeing rockets being sold off a strategy or new zealand closed today for anti day this is bloomberg this is a bloomberg pursuits look at luxury ashford hospitality prime named for a medieval castle in county mayo ireland is changing its name to braemar hotels and resorts after castle built in the late middle ages in aberdeenshire scotland the change was conceived of as part of the strategic shift to high end hotels by the us based real estate investment trust banking on increase consumer confidence braemar also acquired ritzy properties including hotel yountville resort and spa in napa valley california and the park hyatt in beaver creek colorado pop the champagne because the french.

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