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He's GonNa respect it even if it's about him in f on some level, you know I. Don't know if that's embarrassed him or if it hurt him or anything but it didn't seem to you know sparking Animus in him towards Joan at all one thing I really like about diamonds and rust like even more than the title track is that Joan, Baez covers simple twist of fate from blood on the tracks on that record and one of the verses she slips until like this. Weird. Bob Dylan impression. It's like I love her doing pressure. It's like the arrangement of that song. It's really weird. Anyway 'cause you think of the original simple twist of fate and it's this downtrodden romantic acoustic song or Dylan's as porn heart out and like Joan Baez version is this like upbeat Berry mid seventies L. A. Rock. Like redo like it sounds like an Eagle Song, she doesn't. And and but then she slips into this like kind of perverse dylan impression in the middle and I'm like kind of wish you did the whole song like that because it would have like registered more as like a dig on have maybe or like yeah you wrote the song about the woman that you left me for a now I'm GonNa play it on my record and kind of make fun of it but doing this voice. Happy Song exactly I'm GonNa, Kinda suck the. So out of it, I'M GONNA. Make it sound like life in the Fast Lane Gal. But again like. It doesn't seem like Bob Dole minded that either because he ended up inviting Joan Baez to be on the rolling thunder tour, which I think is like my favorite Bob Dylan Tour I love this era. In Joan Baez was like a huge part of that tour. My favorite part is entire tour is apparently bob asked her if you're going to play that song the song about the Blue Eyes and diamonds obviously diamonds and rust and she played demos like Oh. Yeah. That old thing I wrote for my ex husband sure and you can just imagine Bob's face kinda falling it'd be like. Ex Ex husband that was for your husband and Joan, which is very sweetly..

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