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Is. Indeed, Tyler Anderson. One unearned run, No walks, four strikeouts and, uh He gets the wind through only 103 pitches in going the distance, the first giant to go the distance this year and coming into today, only four complete games on the entire National League. Over four others in the American League. So he's on a rather short list in all of major League baseball for finishing what he started 5 to 1, the Giants over the D'backs time now for the cake counter, sponsored by cars for kids. That's cars with a K donate your car today. Anderson had the four strikeouts. Arizona pitchers picked up seven strikeouts. Thanks to Darrin Chan for putting all this together and to Danny done. Our network coordinator in our downtown studio is in San Francisco. It can be armed and one game remains in this. Siri's the Giants. Take their five game winning streak into the matinee tomorrow. A one 11th pitch. Trevor Cahill will be on the mound against Luke Weaver. The expanded earlier pregame show with Marty Lorry at 11 40 so tune in Marty before the ball game. And we'll see you tomorrow afternoon 1 10 from Oracle Park, the Giants and the D'backs. I'm John Miller saying good night from downtown San Francisco. Stay safe. Stay healthy and, ah, our prayers and thoughts with all of the first responders and the firefighters who are are out defending us and be well And if you're out and about Otherwise, for those of you in San Francisco and the Bay Area, where a mask A final again the Giants over the D'backs 5 to 1. Hey,.

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