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Weaver. Nurse jacking Competitive nomination for Merit lever that LaGuardia Arts public School in New York City. Thank you so much. Um, thank you so much. I gotta go Buy your background is LaGuardia High School yet? Everyone else's Juilliard in this rag, right? And you're getting her mixed up with Margot because she was in nurse Jackie and houses. Mayor Weaver Been well? Yeah, if you remember this show you guys studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yes, with the Aaron Sorkin Show, Harry. So she was on that show in a supporting Girl. Then she was in that movie Michael Clayton. She'll just sharpened stuff. She was in marriage story. Yes, she will, and she also had a small part in for a season on walking dead. And and then also, she, um Godless is the other shit We can really liked her in with. Um, but she was so verklempt. She's just thank you so much. Thank you so much, because she's kind of always in like a supporting yang of a role and even nurse Jackie, like if you watch that show like I absolutely I want to go back. I love you Watched all you never have. Well, um, What's her name of plays? Nurse? Jackie, Did you ever watch out Holly, The Lady from soprano Edie Falco. I watched some like he's very unlikable. Edie Falco's character and her friend. Played by Merritt Weaver, who is a nurse. She to me was like, really the The just the everything on that show that was just showing the other side of what it is to be in the whirlwind of somebody else's addiction or whatever. Okay, Israeli really good in it. Oh, I think the front of her. I was so excited when she won that year because I was like, finally end like Margo Martindale finally won something for justified. I believe, because she was scared. She was dominated for the American. Okay, shows up in things. She was, of course in Bella Abzug in Mrs America, and who, Lou. Oh, that show's so good. Bette Midler is gonna play Bella Abzug in thee to Gloria's in the movie in the movie, Baby. Perfect. He'd be perfect. Okay, so then this this one is one. It's Viola Davis. Okay, It's when she won and she was the first black woman to win a leading Emmy will ever in 2050 drama to get away with murder. We're not going to be able to start a whole thing. Okay? Just a little bit. Emmy goes to Viola Davis.

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