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This is the indicator from planet money. I'm Patty Hirsch for those who don't know me I'm I'm the editor of the indicator usually behind the scenes but ruled out on occasion when times are hard and resources are tight only looking to do something dangerously experimental title which brings me to our guest. Today David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times. Welcome David Dangerously experimentalism middleman. Thank you as listening to this show so no. We are focused on economics and business and finance quite often that means the macro stuff looking at high. The economy is moving and changing today though we want to get micro. So here's a quick sir. David can you give me a formal definition of microeconomics. What's in it for me? I mean basically. That's as micro as it gets and I think most consumers would perceive that turn the exact same way how much dinner GonNa cost. Why are movie tickets so expensive vats microeconomic yeah absolutely of course the relationship with the businesses in the firms? MCC providing those products to the news from there and before you know you're macro-economics and is the business and consumer columnist. At The Times. You sit at the intersection of this relationship. Between in companies and people right that is very true. And you wrote about this piece in the Times that I think our listeners might find very useful. Why don't you give as the first line of that for the first line of this is? It's the most wonderful time of the year but for consumers it's also the most dangerous excellent. That is a great hook. It's like the Blurb on a a slasher Noval Great Jason of consumer columnist. And this story that you've written Isola by not classic of the Season Holiday Scams uh-huh so we're going to hear a little bite the worst scams right there and how you can handle them after the break support wait for this. PODCAST and the following message come from Google from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota millions of American businesses are using Google tools to grow WPRO online learn more at Google dot com slash. Grow support also comes from state farm. Why do you need state farm renter's insurance because it helps protect the stuff landlords don't like your furniture that gets drenched by broken pipe state farm renter's insurance find the agents or get a quote at State Farm Dot Com So David this is shaping up to be a big holiday season for retailers. Yeah according to some estimates could be our first ever trillion dollar holiday season. It's a lot of money honey. That's changing hands. The unemployment rate is down. Consumer confidence is high. The economy is relatively strong. All of that ends up into probably a pretty good fourth-quarter for retailers and probably a lot of holiday shopping and the increases that we've seen in retail sales. A lot of that is happening online right. Oh Yeah we just had black Friday and I think we saw record numbers. They are Amazon. Said they had the single biggest day ever and when Amazon says they had a big day. That's all day cyber. Br Monday was also a huge apparently even eclipsed the black Friday in many ways. Yes I read somewhere that. US retail ECOMMERCE spending is going to rise thirteen point two percent two hundred and thirty five point three five billion so that is today's indicator thirteen point two percent. The conclusion that I drew from that number is that the online sales business where you're not face face-to-face with a sales person is probably going to be much greater opportunities for scammers. Yeah absolutely and the holidays. Create v biggest opportunity out there other other than say a disaster like an earthquake or sue Nami or something where people start responding in their feeling very generous which means consumers need to be very very alert to the various ways they can be ripped off online. Okay so tell me a little bit about those well. There's some of the ways they're going to be familiar year round such as fishing for example when you get subsets solution with a Ph Ph and that's basically a sneaky email that is disguised to look legitimate. But it is not and the way you protect yourself self against that is the old cursor trick you hover your cursor over the url or the website name and that will reveal it in your browser. Now if it's an ordinary sorry you are l. like Amazon dot com slash whatever fine however if you see a url. That isn't quite right like instead of Amazon Dot Com..

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