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It is to 10 here on a Monday afternoon in the Great Garden State's I Am Jovi. He is Eric pots were in for domestic Ian Doyle today. Should be for today. Only. We'll be back tomorrow. Not if not if we can help it. That's very threatening. Sabotaged Eric Pots. Great to see you. How you doing? Good. How about you? Not too bad. I became an uncle over the weekend. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Do we throw Uncle party, do we? Yeah, I'll take it. Uncle party. We have like an uncle shower. That sounds a little weird on Uncle shower. I don't know how it works. I don't know what the etiquette is. No, I think you don't know. I guess you just aim the congratulations towards my sister, but she actually did all the work. She had the babies. Come on. I just got a promotion. Now I go from just your average Joe to Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe? Yeah. How about that? Has a nice ring to it Does although, according to my sister, you're not allowed to be called Uncle. I'm Gunkel. Uncle Gay Uncle Kunkel, Joe. Okay, You think I was so behind the ball there? Did you happen to catch the boat? The football games yesterday? I did. I was actually here working, but I was kind of looking up at the screen in the studio here watching it multitasking multi task shift on the weekend. I didn't slack off and from the music shift, I really paid attention to the music. Just glance at the TV. That's what they all say, Uh, s so in case you missed it. If you been living under a rock, or you don't follow sports. It's going to be the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Bucks. I was Super Party. I was rooting for the bills. Really? Yeah. I wanted to build a Scott. Eric Scott. A huge bills fan. Yeah. I mean, not only he is a really big bills fan, but just because they haven't been in while and I don't think they ever won the Super Bowl, right? They've been there, but they didn't win. Yeah, I think they lost like four straight back in the nineties, which is hysterical. But, uh, one of those was to the Giants. Yes, Very true. Um, but one thing called my I, um And this is about the Tampa Bay Bucks. And Tom Brady. Who? By the way, we were talking off air. Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time, Whether you like it or not, he is And I said, and I agree. Actually, I heard this from a friend of mine. I agree with him. That if he wins the Super Bowl this year that he's gonna be the greatest football player of all time. He's already tied with Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers with with the their amount of appearances in the Super Bowl with one in the NFC and took Tom Brady one year. One Amazing But one thing that that caught my eye is after Tom Brady and the Bucks one in advance to the Super Bowl. He received a congratulations message from his wife, Gisele Bundchen, supermodel for sure you would. You would expect that his wife would send him a congratulatory text. But then he also got congratulations from Ex girlfriend and baby Mama. Bridget Moynahan. Would we expect that? I guess we would, because it's his baby's mama, right? I mean, still on good terms. I guess I guess I guess enough time has gone by. That I guess any sort of ill feelings maybe have washed away right? But it got me wondering this is what I want to ask now at 100 to 8311.5. Is it possible to remain friends with your ex partner? Whether it was an ex wife and next boyfriend, girlfriend or ex husband? No matter how long you guys were together, Maybe that plays into it, No matter what your history is, Is it possible for you? The listener to remain friends with an ex 1 802 831 on 1.5. How about you, Eric? Yeah. I'm friends with people that I dated back in high school and stuff. Yeah. So, Yeah. Now, how long did it take for you to get to that point where you were able to have those amicable conversations after your heart was ripped out of your chest? Um, I don't know. 10 years 10 years, Probably 10 15 years. I think you know what I think It's really whatever Facebook came came about. So maybe not even that long ago. Whenever you're there was contact 10 years ago. Okay, so let's say, 10 years. Ago. So it s o. But so when you get that friend request from from, uh, from from Ashley, who went to your high school, let's just say, right. Actually, I had a crush on Ashley. Really? Yeah. Also Ashleigh All of a sudden you're looking on Facebook. You have a notification of front request from Ashley. You automatically get taken back to those days in high school where you were just, you know, just in this inner turmoil about how much you love this girl. And now I think it's more now. I think it's more curiosity of what's going on with them. And like nowadays, yeah, don't gotten ugly. See if they got ugly. See if they for who? They who they got married to who? They who their You know what they're doing, how successful they are now. I think it's more like that. And I don't think it's just that way with women. It's that way. If you know, guys I was friends with the nice, cool. I want to know what they're doing. Like They you can, but you're not root against anybody. But you're kind of like I did better than that guy. Well, I mean, depending on where you go to high school, If you go to high school in a place that is more have you say cliquey? Right, then. You know, years later, when you've run into this person on Thanksgiving Eve or on Facebook or instagram or just leaving a store, you're you're immediately like sizing them up to how they are now compared to how They were perceived in your mind, right? When you were 16 years old, like you want to know what happened to the guy who was voted most likely to succeed. You want to know if he succeeded, right? Right. But I also want to know the other The other side of that, too, Which is if you were like everyone thought that this one was going to be the dangerous, violent one. Like what's this person like? Oh, he's an investment banker. Cool. Yeah. I had a friend of mine in high school. What high school? Did you go to the Colts neck high school. Okay. I went to Jackson Memorial High. So ah, friend of mine. I guess it was your friends in a Thor in ninth grade, and I was thought I was a little weird dude is weird, dude. Then he got popped for murdering somebody in high school. We were still in high school. He murdered some guy down in the South Carolina or something. Oh, my God. I think black. Thanks. Yeah. Hey, didn't wait till after I school to prove that he was gonna be a weirdo. And I was actually pretty good friends of the guy to really never saw that coming a little off putting, Eric Yeah. Friends, friends with the murderer..

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