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And plus he he just he lives right there. He went to north western. So that's trying to save a lot on uber stuff you know. They would have to pay him. They could do what The brown stood in the movie draft day and they could have him at the facility Like minutes after the pick you know then that i think that would be a nice thing so there there you go. Do you ever find yourself doing that by the way when you do mock drafts like you constantly give like like i. I feel every year. I mock like lsu guide to the saints psycho. Well yeah of course. He's he's right there. They couldn't they couldn't miss them. They must have seen game at some point. The thing that i do reflexively won't doing mock drafts. And i've talked to jenny about this a lot. We both before we came here. Worked for the star ledger. Which is the state the paper of record for the state of new jersey and it every year. The draft was an obsession in finding everyone from new jersey. Because that's all you do stories about people who lived you know even if it was like you know one time like the ninth overall pick spent like a summer in millburn and you're like yes and i still like find myself. Reflexively get super excited over every prospect that has played one year of high school football in new jersey. So that's like my odd draft tick. But i do like that one too like oh. That's neat like he lives there and then the team could be right there. Well what a what a great story here for the bears. Taking greg new. The second cornerback. At north no sports writer will try to tackle that one and all will be forgiven for all of the missteps that has happened hometown euro to the chicago bears and that brings us to the colts at twenty one. Who are there look. They're looking for a left tackle. Your i don't know if it's as desperate a need as it would have been. A philip rivers was still your quarterback obviously carson wentz has issues but he is a guy who can protect themselves to an extent. So i think they're in a spot where if they're taking a tackle your to guy they like if they're not taking tackle. I mean you're you're probably looking at did do they try and ramp up this pass rush little bit more. Do they address the cornerback. Spot somebody that. Oh they've i mean they've done so well with that. Defense met era. Fluids is going to be like a victim. His own success here. You're just going to say like. I don't know we never. We never put a ton of divas. We got him deforest buckner and none of that. It's just much ado dudes. And they're fine so looking at the board here. I think the tackles are really interesting again. Jalen naval i like gala mayfield. I think he's a bit of adult developmental guy. I don't know if he's a guy who's going to be particularly strong. Impasse production. i. I think he's a guy who's gonna need some help out there And frankly you kind of rehab guy. Like that and brayden. Smith is again not a liability. But you kind of don't want a situation where you need help on both sides the line but it's a pretty steep fall off after that i like sam cosmi the The the texas guy the six seven dude. I like alex. Leatherwood out of alabama as guys. Who are probably riskier and probably a little bit. If you're making a straight up draft board they're gonna come in after mayfield. But i liked them guys who potentially could hold up in sort of classic left tackle spots if he were to try and develop them that way..

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