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Wauwatosa Police Department saying in his statement posted online that one person was arrested and charges will be filed quote with regard to his involvement in numerous incidents over the past few days and quote. The department also says protesters blocked streets and Tried to prevent police from leaving after making that arrest with protests expected to continue for the next few days In Wauwatosa, Mayor Dennis McBride tells T. M J for news protesters need to follow the city's ordinances peacefully and no one will bother you. Break the law and you will pay the consequences. You know, suffer the consequences of that. What am I supposed to do Ignore violations of law? No. There are rules for everything. No arrests were made with the protestors gathered outside McBride's house early Friday morning. Police say they may not make arrests right away during a protest what does not escalate, but they will identify those involved for possible arrest later. Alongside the president's statements that he will withhold funding to expand mail in voting efforts. The US Postal Service with a new warning this morning, telling more than 20 states that mail in ballots may not make it to their destination in time. ABC is Rachel Scott has more from Bedminster, New Jersey, Jersey, the latest to announce that all 6.2 million of its residents will receive a ballot in their mailbox in critical battleground states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, where the president one in 2016 by less than 1%. Voters are able to request absentee ballots just a few days out from Election Day. But the Post office says those deadlines are incompatible with their delivery. Standard Postal service recommends anyone voting by mail to request their ballot at least 15 days ahead of time. Next week's Democratic National Convention will have very few events in Milwaukee, including no visit by the party's ticket. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. NBC's Meet The press host Chuck Todd tells T. M J for news is Charles Benson that he's surprised Harris isn't giving her acceptance speech in Milwaukee. But again, I go back to where I believe the Biden campaign believes They should always be virus first protocols. First safety first, I think they believe that's why they're ahead. Todd says. The optics will be unusual Monday when President Trump will be in Wisconsin for a campaign visit. With Biden remaining in Delaware visit Milwaukee is putting in the effort to keep the city in the limelight during the DNC. Next week, DNC went virtual so So did CEO Peggy William Smith tells T and J for news. They had put together 30 videos that showcase the diver. City of the city, from businesses to attractions to the people who voiced them to give the people who can't be here a sense of what they're missing. The.

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