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Years combined experience. This is the bar Brian and just Goodman podcast NBA some college little bit of everything. You know, what kind of say but it wasn't what happened here with him. I was wrong with it because it wasn't about talent. I didn't think all right. Let's get right to it. I welcome in another edition of Iran and Goodman podcast, he's Bob Ryan. I'm Jeff Goodman and but I am a little Montreal Expos here for you. Today is Expo Sola. I loved it. I loved that shirt. That's great. Your favorite expose player of all time was Tim Raines to raise. Well, I gotta go back to rust off my first visit to Montreal ever was nineteen seventy one. And of course we had to go to Parks jolly and the Guam the lawn just must he was known he said, you know well off. Us with a three-run bomb and yeah, I'll tell you what though. I was on the subject. I think it's such a shame what happened to that franchise and strike. There's no question that that killed the franchise. They were the best team in baseball that year. They had a 74 and forty record on the August twelfth Nineteen Ninety Four when baseball stop playing and it and you just got the players said they dispatch two other teams, you know after that and Andre Dawson and John wetteland and on and on and anyway, and you know, they didn't have a good ballpark it started off as a terrible place. Anyway, I regret that I wish they were still there. However, we're back to basketball. I'm sorry I say this. The first game Paul Silas ever played in the Celtic uniform after he was traded was an exhibition in the Montreal Forum. Wow, the Bucks wage interest and that was good. Yeah. How about that notice a piece of trivia for the day is you you can wow in any cocktail party with that one. Nobody's going to know the answer to that one. Now, you know, you can get that one and you would call Silas are the only two human beings on the planet that are going to answer that. He doesn't remember it. I'm sure I'm the only person on Earth that knows this so Mom had a serious for a minute. We had an NBA Finals series for like and I never believed we had a serious job. I did I know people wanted to get excited that maybe the heat could could push him if they gave him back and Dragons back. Well dragons is done. We we see that now the plantar fasciitis trust me from somebody, who knows I've dealt with it since last December it is Undead. Terrible so dragons is done bam comes back. But listen, the bottom line is the Lakers are just way too good with LeBron. Let me just said, yep. I agree. It's 321 and they're going to win in a distant, but they're right in that game. So to minute more minute Mark, you know, but there's different the last dagger was the 3.6 without put the nine and but I mean they were in the game and you know, they want to be humiliated. It's not it's not inconceivable. They could still make it go six months. It's not it never just no home court, but you know, honestly, are you intrigued even if if you're six how intrigued it just extends the season for us for 1000 a game that we can watch and keeps them in the bubble for another day that everybody to and everybody wants to go home. You know that everybody including the heat. I'm sure are getting to that point Club. No, no, you're right it we had that illusion of a series for the and the Lakers when they came out with a tent turnover first. You kind of knew they weren't into it right off but and then able to give them the member in that game..

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