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So go to FOX nation dot com today and sign up now for FOX nation opinion done right now Chris Wallace on Fox News channel question for me as always. What's going to happen? If people sense that you're not pushing an agenda. You're not pulling your punches. They're going to rely on you. It's a commitment to the truth one of the advantages. I think of having been in this business a long you're able to the tap. What is real what is important, and what's just Nicole noise? Chris Wallace on Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion. Case that drew global attention. A woman who was convicted of murder as a teenager has been granted clemency. Outgoing governor announces clemency for sin Toya Brown. The thirty year old was given life in prison back in two thousand six for murder. Prosecutors claims robbery was the motive for shooting a man in the head while he was sleeping. But Brown's attorney said then sixteen year old was a sex trafficking victim who feared for her life while she was imprisoned Brown's college classes and received an associate's degree. Her lawyer says she plans to work with other young women affected, my poverty and sex trafficking. Emily CUDA, Fox News has been made in the murder of three people at a bowling alley in Torrance, California last Friday nights crime. Forty seven resident in Los Angeles. Currently being held plus Angeles County jail. Towards police chief Yves urban who says.

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