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Is this volume internal compass always try to follow your true north and um and will serve you all even in the moment if it sometimes feels like it's not the most expedient thing to do to snow them long terminal pay off to in the day after you said when he mess and stars you feel like they're just losing you money the next day how do you feel about owning a local news organisation will again this is this this we have at the differential better of hat why it's different could attend the philanthropic part of my life and we've gone and with the expectations different but look i i really believe that we can drive more revenues as i've said if that turns out that were making money where is going to hire more people and i'm really passionate about this and i think this is a platform that we can do a lot of good with okay mark i and can by the way congratulations to mark i need just had it he's here he just got a child today or last night eight hours did good luck with that legs guides congratulations mark thank you for talking to us today specially today uh if you enjoy the interview as much as i did be sure to subscribe to the show be the first listener future episodes or catch up on previous episodes you can find nearly two hundred past interviews and whatever app you use to listen to this are on our website recode doughnuts hush podcasts in washington we've done ted leonsis deep case a whole bunch of people i gotta get mark walsh on here and give them a hard time something or other if you have a minute please leave us a review on apple podcast that helps other people find the show if you'll be at south by southwest in march i have some exciting news will be there doing live podcast bucks me is taking over the bell mount about a 10minute walks in the austin convention center you can learn more at fox media dot com slash s x sw hyphen two thousand eighteen i'm trying to entice mark cuban showing up we'll see if he'll take the challenge now that.

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