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Emailer mark have followed the David shore firing after an activist called out David shore and made waves on twitter. This thing blew up. Real reason was fired. Workers were telling his employer. Won't did not feel, safe. Short, suppose it's the ultimate trump card is they say as Matt TV said about this. How empirical evidence able to make someone feel. Unsafe when you cannot give facts anymore. We are in trouble. We've talked about that over the years it. It's. Almost, on arguable when someone says they're not safe, and in this case you're saying you're not safe. Because one person quotes to one study. That offers up one opinion. On strategies when it comes to demonstrations going back fifty years. We're not going to get anywhere in terms of honesty if that's where we're at and differences of opinion are blunted. On the basis of that that particular link to that conclusion about a factual study does not make me feel. Safe. emailer Max going back to the Holy Land Story the were incredibly racist and vulgar. Absolutely unacceptable. The company deserves whatever. Comes to it. The language using our show is unsettling, describing the. As Bob and accusing companies have making decisions out of fear is dangerous, inflammatory rhetoric, and both your examples. You provided incomplete information on and on and on. A So I guess a suffice to say, Max does not agree regardless of what the and by the way I left it open on Holy Land I was asking for opinions I'm about to read a couple of other emails on it I thought that was much tougher for the obvious reason about the fact that she was employed there. etcetera the question. Apparently maximum fine is there can be no difference of opinion. On what rises to the level that satisfies him. That's where we're at. And and he's even using the language. That attempts to blunt. Any of this debate unsettling. Dangerous. That's what convinces again Max. If we're going to have an honest discussion in this country about some of these issues, we have to be able to have those discussions without those code words that attempt to do one thing to shut up the other individual. I'm throwing out these examples. We'll see if on the other two that we mentioned what Max comes up with regarding what makes it saleable to for people to have lost their particular jobs I didn't even rule it out at all in the Holy Land case. But I'm. We're trying to talk about a larger issue. emailer Christopher. Now, that's not the one I wanted Whereas the other one here the issue. did I read this on I ready to i. read this from Charles No, the issue for that most took offense to. in the holy case with the owners daughter while teenage time indicators, the homophobia and racism were part of our family's values, and she thought that was comical. Parentheses to be black was bad enough to be made it worse I. Don't believe someone makes something like that up. The daughter is also mocked my mother-in-law for action and treated her like crap because of it when she was working at the store. We stopped going along time ago. Because of that bleeping attitude, and despite her dad's successes and apple like that does not fall far from the tree. Unfortunately, that's why I brought this stuff up opinions. Different points of view. It should still be legal for us to do. It should still be a permissible. For us to do as As well I got an email from someone who listened in the zone, Saturday. we approved message for the NBA for the backs of the jerseys. and. To Email Mitchell City and double t. both stated although they approve of the concept, they don't totally agree with players going through with it because we're player doesn't want message in the back of the Jersey, they will be scrutinized for it. They weren't fully on board with the idea and I. think that recollect the same concept here. If a player chooses not to kneel, for whatever reason there'll be scrutinized. We live in a tough time damned if you do. Damned if you don't, it is related to that subject as well What if you decide you WANNA? Put Your own name on the back of Your Jersey. For whatever reason or name or An item that is considered a little bit less. What's the word I'm looking for? Powerful a little bit more. Some those were real I wouldn't call them. Neutral by would call them some of them a little bit more vibrant in their expression, then others. will there be judgment there. Maybe there won't be. Maybe it'd be less of that than we think, but they on the basis of the controversy surrounding a player in soccer, a sport that still not a mainstream. I would be shocked if indeed there wasn't. More of exactly. That down the down the road. Their entire groups of activists who sold purposes dig up old tweets post comments with the intent of getting people canceled and their reputations destroyed, and by the way they're people both right and left. Who are doing this? Who are actively? That's what they do for a living. That's what they're looking for. Now it's become a game of well. I'm just doing what they're doing. And so turnabouts fair play, and we're going back and forth in In that particular regard. He writes if your grandmother would approve of it, you can post it where it said Cetera deep down. You know that she wouldn't approved. Don't post it well. Yeah, but what if you have a racist Graham? They're out there. They were out there. Absolutely it's. I'm not even sure that I'm not even sure that would be the litmus test depending on. You know what your family. Situation Might Indeed Be. An affair favorite lunch spot of my. When I worked at a handy place to their think it's a business that's run well. Satisfied customers had a strong presence in the community. Lots of hustling employs paying attention. Their job in the building was cleaned updated and kept up well I give them five stars business bigger issue. We need a society degree. An apology actually counts well. That's part of what you were talking about Do we. We have again a big split on the in some ways, we believe in the importance of forgiveness. But in other ways, we don't believe in that concept at all. And so to that extent it, we're at a point where no, it doesn't appear as if any level of apology will will work in the short. Run, and maybe in some cases and I would say in some cases. That's fine I would agree with it, actually it, because sometimes the apology itself doesn't even become particularly. Air Isn't particularly persuasive, but what is penance? In Two thousand twenty. Is there such a thing? Is that? Is there such a thing as coming back from? That is a period of years. Is it a period of weeks? Is it a period of decades? How long is it at this point? I? Don't know how. When is it okay to Reenter Society and start over? We don't have those answers right now. No, we don't seem to I mean and and eventually maybe we will. Maybe eventually things will indeed calm down in that regard, or at least will come to a place where it'd be more agreement on the chance for redemption. Because sooner or later, otherwise, everybody's going to get a canceled at one form or another todd. Big Day for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City chiefs historic day in some regards. And One sports bubble. Burst Dan but it's leaking. One of the bubbles is already leaking. You've gotta be kidding I wish I was. Tell us. Which sport yet are you gotta come back fat? Just in case you missed it. It's the top five sports talkers of the day now it's time for Jan Barreiros top five at five driven by Morton Volvo..

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