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Welcome to gwinnett. Daily post podcast. Today is tuesday. July sixth than happy. Seventy four th birthday to actor sylvester stallone. I'm dan rack living here. Your top stories brought to you by a one tires and more pro golfer. Gene ciller was killed in two others found dead at georgia. Golf course lawrenceville prelude to the fourth celebration returns with tradition. Patriotism in full swing at sheriff's office announced his to arrests on child molestation related charges. Lawrenceville man was charged with pointing a laser gwinnett police helicopter and three gwinnett. Natives were selected for the mlb mlb all-star game plus searching for a house right now in the atlanta area can be tough later in the podcast. We'll get some tips for dealing with the real estate market from the chief lending officer at georgia united credit union. We hear worse stories all the time you hear stories about people paying thirty forty thousand dollars over the asking price right now. That's not uncommon. And hello i'm rodney sculthorpe. And i own eight one tires and more in lawrence. We're your go to place for tires and complete carcar. Don't put off getting those tires. You know you need and don't forget to check your ac and get your car ready for summer. Avon tires and more can check everything. Affordably get that maintenance done and bring on the summer ventures all of our work day one tires morris guarantee rest assured we handle every repair with accuracy integrity and honest. You can find us online at a one tires more dot com or give us a call at seven seven zero nine six three hundred eighty three thirty three. We're located directly across from lawrenceville police headquarters and we are a one on your rug. Police are looking for the person who shot and killed pro golfer. Gene ciller at country club north of atlanta on saturday. Cobb county police responded to a report of a person shot around two twenty pm and found ciller on the green of the tenth hole of the pine tree country club in. Kennesaw mr ciller. Who was a club. Employee was found unresponsive with an apparent gunshot wound to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect had driven to the green white. Ram thirty five hundred pickup truck and shot the forty-one-year-old golfer when he went to see what was going on. Police also discovered the truck still on the green and found the bodies of two men in the bed of the truck. Both victims also suffered apparent gunshot wounds. One of the men was identified as paul pearson. The registered owner of the ram. Thirty five hundred. The other victim has yet to be identified. Police are still searching for the suspect. Who has not identified for the past fifteen years no matter where they are mary. Jane phillips and her family have traveled to lawrenceville prelude to the fourth to honor the men and women who serve in the us military. Miss phillips was among thousands of people sprawled on the lawrenceville lawn. Friday night waiting to see the city's expanded fireworks display events like the prelude to the fourth help. Small and local businesses get exposure the lines for the food trucks. We've their way around each other in the parking lot..

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