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Today, the president responded to those threats. Calling some of those governors cavalier for resisting his new vaccine mandates. NBC News analyst Howard Feinman tells us what the fallout will be from the president's new covid plan legally is definitely going to be challenged. Changed. In court by governors and others. But I think the president is probably on pretty firm ground here because under the constitution, the federal government has the right to regulate interstate commerce. It's called the commerce clause, and there's nothing that strikes more at the centre of Interstate Commerce in America than Covid. So I think ultimately it will be accepted in the courts. Politically, you gotta look at it both short term and long term short term, there's going to be a backlash. From the hard core of people who not only are distrustful of vaccines but see the requirements for vaccines as a kind of overreach of government power. And I don't know what percentage of the 80 Million or so who aren't vaccinated. That is, but you'll get a backlash from them on the other side of short term, a lot of Democrats and supporters of the president or cheering and saying, Yeah, bring it on. If you want to have a fight over this, let's have a fight on it. If you want to run the 20 22 congressional elections. On the question of getting vaccinated or not, we're ready for it. So that's the short term battle. The longer term picture is. President Biden came to office as a man who said he would do his best to and could succeed that unifying the country. This turns out to be a perhaps somewhat surprisingly divisive and bitterly divisive issue, and it's going to remain that way. So in terms of unifying the country into one big family again, I think, for better or worse, That's failed. NBC news analyst Howard Feinman word today that a Caroline County circuit judge has died. By an apparent suicide. This morning, FBI agents went to Jonathan Newell's home in Henderson on Maryland's Eastern shore to arrest him, but they found him suffering from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead shortly before seven Newell had been charged with sexual exploitation of a child. He'd been a judge since 2016. And before that was the top prosecutor in Caroline County for a decade. It's 1 14 Marlowe Furnitures Biggest Labor.

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