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E. making but tigra jal l. burning <hes> excuse me photography's for my mother and be only fetus pickling. That's mine too are they. Are they eating so you think oh come on. No people have eaten fetuses grow up. I need to grow up. That's what's gonna happen. <hes> uh-huh what do you think happens at the harvest festival not eating them well. That's the thing as i do need a little bit word the harvest festival you know what i mean like. Maybe some of the songs some of the game we yeah i mean i guess it takes place in autumn and this may i the one game burn the sap alive <hes> he winds up going to a crypt and again. This is just a sick prank that has played on him. He's like oh man. I see her sweater under this water. Let me get yet again. Get inside the water and they lock him under their overnight like he's a freshman on the swim team or something. He is a wet cage in a wet the task task. That's true astute observation yeah very true. He's in there for twelve hours. Eternal aquaman. Nobody does have some more hilarious visions of that girl getting hit by the puck and track but i do believe nikkei's thinks he can talk to fish the the o'dowd a hundred percent on that one yeah using similar sick d._v._d. Menu nightmares which are fun yeah one one point. It's amazing the he's. He's having this nightmare. It's like the last one i think he has where the the female patrolman comes at. You turns into a bunch of all right explodes into a swarm of bees ooh. That's the movie that i want similar similar to your like harbourmaster problem maybe at the end ellen burstyn but i've been bs the whole the dracula that'd be really cool 'cause she opens her cloak the the it's a mask worn. Oh yeah so knockout charles. It's your newest nemesis. Uh stink and this is a mutant that turns into bees. There's it's gotta be at least one and x. Men history yeah for sure yeah and so this is when he gets out and this is what he's really pissed off. This is when he starts punching people in the face anyone who gets his way. It's a punch party. It's just like dude 'cause he. Does the one that the the innkeeper beach punched in the face and he takes her bear costume which is really cool house mormon right actually before that happens he goes into sister somers isles house. Oh yeah here we go. This is what i want to talk about the p. Shining for a little while l. let him opening doors and weird shits their unexplained totally first door with his two doors talk about them madikwe length. They're both equally fucking stupid. Okay first story opens. There's a dude in this bad. Totally nude just just covered in bees obese stings. He's n._b._c. Stings these beef sting benesch stinger so so looking at him like you could close the door aso exactly like hey man. It's mccain close the door. This ain't the bathroom buddy keep looking six more stings in shoot. Get out get <music> outta here. I'm not into wasps. I i now i feel left out for there are no more be puns to me. I'm sure we'll find something and then door number two number two. There's just a naked lady. It'd be the bathroom. Where's the bathroom where's agree. How do you handed philby's to sir sir. We just don't allow you gotta you do it so it's a naked lady sitting on a stool with a bunch of bs as on laughing at him yeah laughing and lion like i think the idea is like he he's now overdressed. He's now like viciously overdraw. Oh i see i do love his wardrobe. In this movie he's wearing like this tweet suit the whole time like he he when he gets like nude on the dock and then swims..

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