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Live. Let's take a call David and West Seneca, You are on W G. R. What's up, David? Oh, nothing much. Good afternoon, gentlemen. One player. Would imagine is itching to get into NHL who's in the Sabres organization that fell out of flavor favor? Is Lawrence pilot and I'm thinking you throw in Lawrence pilot along with a second or a third round pick. To the Seattle cracking that way. You protect your core players that you want. And that you can, you know, go from there got second round pick that we obtain from the Eric Staal traits. You really not giving up much. I just want to know what your thoughts are. Thank you very much. Thanks for the call. David. I think the compensation for that sounds like a little bit much because the guys I'm really protecting or who Anders Byork. Erasmus, asp Lind, Bargain slash crystalline and if he's not traded, those are the guys in protecting is that worth a second round pick and pilot? I'll kind of like the idea of using pilot as a trade asset, but I also don't There's I've not seen anything in a year. Plus, that makes me think pilots like Itching to get back to the NHL. Like you said he might want to, but he's under saber control. If you could guarantee that the crack and we're taking rest a line in with that I'm all in. You Just want them to take him. Yes, they could just exposed are still lining to make that who they take Sure that but to me Even today, after years of talking about him as a trade asset, I've got to believe that there's more that It's worth moving him and not losing him for nothing. I don't know. The Devils are the team that got mentioned about him early in the off season. They have, like the 28th pick. I can't get that. Maybe not. I can't get the fifth pick of the second round from New Jersey like I can't even get that. Don't know. All right. That's enough out of me on the Sabres today. I'm seven o'clock, I'll be back. But I'm gonna talk some UFC economy. Gregor Dustin Pori. A three is on Saturday. And I typically have Matt Perino on the Friday before Big UFC cards to talk about him in preview him with Matt from New York upstate dot com. But he's going to join me today at seven o'clock as I'm off tomorrow and Friday, so come back for that at seven o'clock. We'll talk to the UFC showing the bulldog up next. Rick Stroud from Tampa Bay Times. It's their guests at four o'clock..

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