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I grew up in milwaukee on the east side went to riverside high school i was a tennis player spent more hours than you could possibly count hanging out on the tennis courts at lake park so i spent a lot of time looking out at lake michigan which to a kid looks pretty much like an ocean vast and magnificent and then every so often i'd go down to bradford beach and find the whole shoreline littered with thousands of dead rotting fish wives and that was not so magnificent so for me this was the paradox of growing up near lake michigan beautiful but also infested and polluted and that's really the recurring story of cities built along the water it's not just milwaukee but cities all over the world these are global issues so we have a lot to talk about here and lucky for us we have two terrific guests to help us sort it all out dan egan is the great lakes reporter for the milwaukee journal sentinel and jenny kale is a political economist at the university of wisconsin milwaukee school of freshwater scientists welcome both of you so dan you have written a great book the death and life of the great lakes and you grow up on lake michigan in green bay right essentially yeah i grew up pretty close to the banks of the fox river so did you spend a lot of time on the water then.

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