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This is the news this is the summer into the fall theme. song with an end of line to and we hear ten twenty WGN WGN everywhere the white Sox Ron. they hate all right let me say this. then it's. a list of the millennial names. has been released. is it finally this analysis that we need to did did that thank god social science is really focusing on important things. like like what the naming trends are for parents of millennials. okay another name in their kids and I find this interesting because this is very much like the stereotype that we have created about millennials who are just gathering on boats in Lake Michigan a hot Saturday afternoon walking between the boats tying up next to each other drinking the white clothes and and every once in awhile one just goes missing. Becca Tilley's what millennials are naming their babies knows what millennials are their names are up their names are models in their babies I'd like to see that list that there would be like no trend everyone's like no only my kid his name this name that's why we chose it. and a car. a child in a car what. I just it's it is in a car is a good good for a boy or girl stole my family's last name I got rid of the V. that's right I notice that and are. the rented cars through I did in that zone amended it up all right so here you go to the web for the girls. turns out if you're born between nineteen eighty one and nineteen ninety five which is what they're looking at here okay. Pugh research they're good that's reliable. in descending order. or a sending or us sending ordered from twenty five to one you got Amy Laura Kimberly Christina Michelle Rebecca Tiffany Danielle amber seat at them the closer you get to the more popular the more stripper you they become. trip early. which one strawberry embers anything with an I. instead of a wife that's true too. heather. Rachel. Lauren Terry Lawrence you're right now you're wanting that's not too bad but my middle name is Michelle so I don't know if that makes it worse that yes he said your double down now Melissa Meghan Samantha anally that did make a comeback some of these names are like the turn of the century names and made it like Emily was one of those and to make a comeback. Nicole at number nine as your sister yep I guess we haven't gone to our middle name that's that's also good. we've got some time. at David your top ten our family Nicole Britney Elisabeth. Stephanie Serra Amanda Jennifer Ashley and number one anybody wanted to hazard a guess. where he had back us. he said Britney you measure Kaelin. well that's a good call Jessica. yeah yeah I know a lot of just got a lot of Jessa's Jessica's Jesse they go by sometimes. right is he got the. basically you can't do anything to shorten and Amy I guess aim aims. you're a hockey player. here aims one o'clock Michelle is I you know they used to they used to take my cell make it Shelley they don't do that so much and you don't hear that now now. then the but obviously Christina Chris and all that back in for Rebecca. they're a lot more traditionally is on a less than I would have expected I know seems like names are getting so much as Laura pointed out so much more individualistic I have had friends who want to make sure they don't even tell anybody there baby names are frayed others will take the baby name and they want their baby to be the only baby they know in the whole school system or the whole planet or the zip code I don't know that's name that particular name that's what millennials are doing for their babies that's all right now I see that way. thirty year gap here you know to me again guess he's pretty good traditional name right these are all cookie cutter name so yours to say here's your your voice type if I boys names Kyle Tyler Eric. we have a tire on the boat yeah I was gonna say it already sounds like the entire boat yeah brand Chad branch at Tyler's a wild card for people and you the first one tattoos in high school thank you Tyler gonna Ted two men. suppose brother Kyle brother because good he knows rather cal started vaping when he was eight. Eric Bryan cabin up twenty one Kevin. days in Jacob at the time the Jacobs L. our arms around Jake yeah I think that had to do I honest to god I think it had to do with that the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat show I swear to god I don't I just I just think that that was at sixteen candles the guy was Jack yeah. Anthony Anthony. that's a certain neighborhood right that's now that's it is it as an old school that's been that's been that's a hundred years and and cal out there that's multi generational. Hey. Jonathan. I'm William Nicholas. Brandon that's a big one. Justin. Ryan Robert Joseph. right just of the Jacob and all that that's good you know. and where you're getting another one here city guide Joseph John there's another one Andrew James another went Daniel David another Joshua at number four. we're not only guys you know name Josh I don't want a future yeah while Josh's Josh big the money else. but another one that Josh's response to one of the boats. and the boat captain right he's the he's the guy was like Hey guys guys will be careful riding between about I think you've had enough why claw okay I'm sorry about the lack I'll stand I and my friends they just had a little too much to drink right Josh did you drive me home. when is Josh will. and Matthew Christopher and Michael at number one yeah that's a no brainer. that's yeah isn't that the number one name for maybe even generation acts to. seems like such a popular name is the ex the one before us it well axe and and even coming out of baby boomers telling you you know one of the tricks want you know that's it you know the ecology crescent goes Nick there that's we know that trick charge if you're walking into a party. and you don't know anybody and you're just trying to crashes it's every comes up to you and says we gotta go well Mike told me to be here who do you know because there's four mikes in the room. which one that one of the creature yeah this call might every every room right it is you is very common and there's it's always gonna be whatever it's gonna be alright I got up I got the list okay the lizard is one eighteen list of names of a what list of what names what ails are calling their baby names most popular names that were given out in the year of twenty eighteen okay okay all right thank you so I have the top ten baby names by boy and girl. girl Layla. media Amelia none of these actually are there's not a single one that was in that list I just not so far. Riley is also like dog names to me. it's a cute name aria. is a girl named. Isabella well from aria start game of thrones eva. Anna livia and Sophia pretty names you notice it with the exception of Riley they all ended in a I was gonna say like I can't I feel like you maimed every all the names of friends babies that I've heard so far but they'll kind of blur together because they sort of the same sound the ace of the law there's a balance. a lot of them via I mean who's who which one to I don't know. that's good for you Kevin because you could be like house and then they don't expect me to know our names anyway someone. other names. house Mike the oil. right from my with the baby right name that this. makayla. I'm sorry it's double what I meant that. I just call or I'll for short. what about ten baby boy names of twenty eighteen yeah okay Alisa that's a nice name. Oliver. hi I now. just never got the alibi I've been one of my closest friends in to get Oliver I just nodded. it's like we should name him Oliver thank. yeah. this is real because no real nickname for the help. I only did those nice no Ali is not like that. Ali is a name for a different. it was right that sounds like a dog it's an orange cat. it really is the Disney movie right it's our Oliver Twist stereos over and over I don't know. Ali matter I don't know something different okay so Arbor Mason at number eight. bag that's a big one Lucas right that's a big one Grayson ember sex I've heard of some Grayson's I just think a Grayson Allen from Duke. all right now is where it gets confusing at at five and four Caton an eighty. such popular is my daughter's school yeah that's the other thing case in like eight in a parade in Jaden right better for a girl as much as a boy as well. know what and number three yeah yep very popular bill Liam now William huge but Leo Liam's massive yeah it is I think every other baby announce when I see it's Liam uhhuh. name house living room yeah a living however Liam. hi. to daughter. Isabella. and no one any venture a guess here for the boy who okay I wouldn't want Liam I thought Liam was yeah I was then was number one in the boy power ranking names right now no top that boy's name of twenty eighty hunter. Jackson yeah okay Cuddy's kids name yes I think it is for some celebrities famous I like the action. you know it sounds like. it sounds like you know some like southern slave owner to make I don't know. all of the negative filled out all of the. take a live sense of history out of of my analysis of anything and so that when it comes to Jackson I'm like a million in the you know Jackson because it's a game. so forget about a calm Jack that's right. but if you want to give him the same object. comes in name of Johnathon Jack. we do that anymore. John Jack thing. I think that I the I mean did that was big in the sixties right after being away when I when I heard that when the calling of Jack what's happening remember the sixty two you had William was Dick yeah Richard generator researchers deck I'm sorry William was another spot was a Dick Richard we sort. the difference right so you don't see that as much anymore. right well the way it was but you see William was bill ability and then all the city became lean. yes right and I like all regularly for William that yes or no yeah. that's where it all came from I do not know yeah that's the British Scotch Irish yeah you know Welsh version they don't they I mean they can call your belly but Liam was the that comes right at William. likely in the sun. which is a which is you know comes from the you know the route is. warrior. well is that William as a as a warrior. from eight PM awesome twelve thousand from Williams from yeah which is the friends rations for Israel as well yeah yeah I don't know what I can do for K..

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