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His trying to locate a missing college student twenty one year old Samantha Joseph Joseph son, a USC student was last seen by friends between one thirty and two Friday morning on the seven hundred block of harden street shortly after two Josephine was seen surveillance video getting into a dark vehicle possibly a newer models. Chevy Impala, but according to one of her friends her Uber ride had been cancelled. They also say her phone was tracked to a house and the rosewood neighborhood. But she wasn't there. When her friends checked on her Josephine is from Robens Ville, New Jersey, she's described as being a Caucasian a hundred and forty five pounds and five feet seven inches tall. She has long Brown hair and Brown eyes. Both sled and crime stoppers are asking to hear from anyone with information on her whereabouts. Democratic presidential hopefuls are courting the farm vote today, an Iowa FOX's Jeff Monticello reports. Democratic candidates attending a heartland to forum in storm lake today. He kind of like a talent show where each candidate is interviewed separately fielding questions on rural issues, you want to hear how the candidates connect with farmers and rural voters on the issue issues, like lower farm, incomes and big aga- consolidations, which Aaron Lehman president of the Iowa farmers union says as lead to more and more control. That's being held off the far Elizabeth Warren Amy klobuchar Julio and Castro in John Delaney. Even Tim Ryan who is considering a run have accepted invitations to the Iowa forum. Jeff monosso, Fox News. Another person has died from the faulty Takata airbag. Inflator Honda says the death happened in Buckeye Arizona in June of last year. The company says it was only told of the death recently. The unidentified drivers at twenty. Fourth person to be killed by the airbags worldwide. More than two hundred people have been hurt. WBZ news time is ten. Oh, two..

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