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A police officer and cocks, and he and his partner were working undercover in the gang unit, where they spotted the getaway car of a shooting suspect the driver took off on foot gave Cox Chase knowing backup was on the way he was climbing a fence in pursuit of the suspect. When he says other officers pulled him down and started beating him. They didn't stop. Until members of his own unit arrived. Cox suffered head injuries and kidney damage, but says the department tried to cover up what happened. Nobody wass found responsible anyway, for criminal activity that occurred It was clear that you know, these people wanted me guard. I was like this is not going to stop. Even if I leave. It's not gonna stop. You stayed with the department. And Cox, saying that his family received threatening phone calls, and he had his tires slashed by fellow officers. But he refused to quit. 30 years later, he wound up rising to the highest uniform rank of bpd. But then he became The chief at the Ann Arbor, Michigan Police Department took a civil rights lawsuit for cocks to be compensated for all he went through. But he says he's not bitter. And he doesn't think that police need to be defunded that if you want something to get better, you need to invest in it. At 1 17 and explosive investigative story in the Washington Post detailing allegations of sexual and verbal harassment involving the National Football League's franchise in D. C. Formerly known as the Washington Redskins. There are allegations from 15 women who used to work for the team. They accuse a number of high ranking members of the organization, including the team's former chief operating officer, it scouting director and its longtime broadcaster Larry Michael. Post reporter. Sam, 48 contributed to the article. Many of the women described Michael and others as commenting on their looks or suggesting that they wear tight clothes in meetings with potential customers. The team has hired prominent Washington attorney Beth Wilkinson to conduct an investigation into the allegations. Steve Futterman CBS News At 1 18 There's now a petition to have a name change in Turner's Falls, Massachusetts. It is a small village town north of Deerfield off Interstate 91. Turner's is a reference to captain William Turner, who in 16 76 during the King Philip War, let a massacre against the network tribe. Turner's Falls High School's mascot was the Indians that recently changed. It also discussed at a recent school of Select board meeting They discuss the potential name change. The petition has more than 2500 signatures for that small town in north Central Mass. In July 20th is when Mayflower too, will start to set sail and head back to Plymouth, But first it will undergo a full restoration, which it has been undergoing. Already, it will stand begin rather two weeks of training and sea trials starting on Monday. It's said to be back in Plymouth on August 10th the Mayflower to usually sits right at Plymouth Harbour and is available for tours. It's been undergoing that restoration, though getting it ready for the 4/100 year anniversary of Plymouth this year, however, covert 19 putting a damper on a lot of those celebrations. 1 19 If you're hungry, looking for something new or your lunch hour, the city of Boston launching its summer food truck initiative today, double BBC's James RoHaas telling us what neighborhoods those food trucks are going to be rolling down. Boston is designating 23 spots across the city for food trucks to set up shop and begin serving food from a Codman Square and Dorchester to Prescott Square Park in East Boston. Mayor Walsh says food trucks will be allowed to operate every day from Newton to.

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