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Live from npr news. I'm lakshmi singh. After a weekend during which more than fifty people were shot the city of chicago's now mobilizing a task force to address an epidemic of illegal guns and violence police superintendent. David o'neil brown. easter reported. Need to hear me loud and clear. We're coming for you and we're going to try to charge you with the highest charge. We can only halfway through the year. Twenty twenty one is on pace to becoming. Chicago's deadliest gun violence here. In decades in florida case widely seen as a benchmark for punishment imposed on those convicted of taking part in the pro-trump insurrection at the us capitol today a federal judge has sentenced one such defendant to eight months in prison. Paul hodgkin's is also getting two years probation. He was a man seen inside the senate chamber holding trump twenty twenty flag. Hodgkin's was not accused of assault or damaging property. The by administration has transferred a detainee from the us military prison in guantanamo bay cuba to morocco. This marking the first time. A prisoner at gitmo has been released since president biden took office. Npr sasha five for reports the release reduces get remaining prisoner population to thirty nine men. Moroccan citizen abdullatif. Nassir spent nineteen years at guantanamo without being charged making him one of get most so called forever prisoners. The fifty six year old was cleared for transfer by parole board in twenty sixteen but the trump administration continued to hold him the move signals and effort by the biden administration to steadily shrink guantanamo prisoner population. And perhaps eventually closed the prison entirely. Only one prisoner was transferred during the trump administration. Another half dozen have been cleared for transfer by but the administration was still fine countries to take them sasha pfeiffer. Npr news despite warnings from international health experts all corona virus restrictions are now lifted in britain but before ending covert related bands. Prime minister boris. Johnson urged the public to remain vigilant about their safety because the fast-spreading delta varian of corona virus circulating around the globe including in the. Us villa marks has more from london. Public events in england no longer have limits on the ten d numbers and customers in pubs hick and once again older.

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