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He Goes Yeah my other foods in the bag. I was like okay and he goes. We opened up the glovebox. Yeah my man had condiments had hot. Yeah outsource. Every TACO bell source. The read one the purple one. Zero he had. Sauce in that, our stat car at. Dollars he was so heavy in that car. He fucked. The shocks agree with that. The shocks will like this. He gave that car way and the car was sideways. But he would have fucking kidding. He would, but here's the thing about Ralphie. You still remember him giving you a bag candy to take home. Yes, yeah, there's when he was. Well. He was broke. He would still go I'm momentum going? Man Was Josh. Wolff ain't coming out. I don't know what Joshua is. And he's like I schedule back. Candidates like my heart pro. You have a hundred bucks. Give your kids, but it can't be. That was a type of duty was. You know they're going to by at the time. We were at the pool. Good, do we at the pool? You asked me whether we'd was in. And you spelled it out D. R. W. and I was like what you fucking. That's not how you spell it. W. I made you say twice? What is in the DRA? W. I'm like. What are you saying to me because I could? Dan We're in Seattle and we move I'm moving with your investor. How was that building? I mean? What would people understand now the people? WHO Walk in that Bill. Would you please tell people what about the? Building Dick sucked four in the morning. It was crazy. You get you. Dick, sweat about the you can have. Building up on them. What about the lesbian couple that did heroin next I would and and the white porno chick next to have the the the the the lesbian couple used to sell those steaks, well, those Omaha steaks, but they used to take heroin, so the stakes would go bad in their apartment, and it would fucking smell. You have day your no idea what we saw ninety four seven. There are a couple of drug dealers and that that was a drug dealer. White Lightning the Ju-, White lightning the Mexican kid yet still around he is he still around. He's still at the rainbow. Come on Rainbow He's out there with Whitehead. To his ASS now. Get Five Chick. White lightning sold drugs have the balls to hide in this house. Sweet would hide in the garage, which I dipped into many a times, and he was also at the Tricks House with no chin. That big tents with no chin. Tremendous tits like when you saw at the pool. Legal those titties, but when she turned around, there's no Jim thank. You like house. You GonNa. Suck my Dick with no chin. This is not good for people. You know what I'm saying what you got to Rub. It would al both. But? She was a dynamite person. She was great. She was raped and. She was a lot of yeah, she building. At four the morning, you had more of a chance to get your Dick socked. In, that enduring narrow and coke. At four in the morning there, then you did by going up. It was bananas for for about a year. About a year, it was crazy building eleven it was. Soundly my nightmare. Out there in the morning. That dude, who lived right below me with that gi? Gye Walston. Your brother walked in. One day by mistake, this rottweiler was like Oh my God. Like? Those, the pictures of the dogs in the in magazines, and look like they have actual muscles that one of those motherfuckers. Grooming To Kill Yeah, he was training them to kill yeah, and next to the too hot heroin lesbians. Was Chick who? Gary Wolf One hour. From geom- your what about the dude who killed the hooker with the sword who used to wear the FOOK and He, W- he worked on Star Trek, and so he had Klingon Matt Makeup. He was an extra. But he was his dream to be on the show, so used to wear that he used to walk his robe, but he didn't take the fucking mask off. He would be this Klingon in his. Ideas, how do was fucking crazy that building? The landlord was good people Maria. Maria she's Gras check. Who ran the room? The belly room I condition I just saw on facebook. Cathy Lewis Kathy Lewis Great s thing. Yeah, and she had an open mic. She was always very nice, always very nice. That Hollywood building till this day. When I drive by it sometimes just to get goosebumps, there's a parking spot waste. Take 'em manny's car. Grab a blow. I remember one night. We got some coke from somewhere and it was on side. And I was at coach and horses with. Fulton. Yeah Doug stand out. I couldn't talk. The ball was passed I couldn't talk. I was so fucked up on this coke. And I had like an eight ball of it. I'm like what am I? GonNa? Do only five months. I'm fucked up. Fuck it I left. I'll be right back I pulled. One of those moves ourselves up on Coke and it was eleven o'clock at night. Even talk. One across the street, the liquor store. They just closed because they don't know block. That was next to Kurth on. One side liquor store. I want a six pack and I walked Vista and I will walk into man main these car and I still remember. pull the seat back. And doing little wines, people walking their dogs. People walking past me from welcome Padraig. Yeah and how is laid in the seat back? I would do live I. Some of them have been like three. The morning I mean putting like a jacket on and lowering the sunroof. I had a sun roof and I would just jerk off. Little Jerk, so somebody came by. To See me jerking, my Dick that does, you can't write this shit right there on this. Because it got to the point that I couldn't go upstairs and be coked up because me. Jump with that coke I had to give. Somebody giving nobody. There was some I give me ask and there was some Nice Shit with just do good. Thank you very much for coming out tonight five twenty years. That's how I just can't believe that I'm doing comedy twenty nine years two weeks maybe. Eighteenth. Twenty nine fuck is. I could stick with nothing for two minutes. This man. I would tell you that anybody who's seen you before. This all went down and saw you at the store like every bit of work. You've put in shows. Oh, that's I, told you. It was weird this last year before this happened. I would find myself on stage. and gets them laughing. Go I would think about while I was on stage, telling jokes. I would sank myself putting in the work like all. I remember where I learned this. I learned this at. What was that casino? The triple one Elko? Nevada was horror. Show Alco I learned this at the underground. You Know I. Think about comedy I think a lot about Seattle. Store a lot of love. But give me to call and Ron and that whole scene. So much free. We had, and that's why people say well. I'm thinking of comedy in La. That's great. But I'll tell you what your net get out of it what you get out of it in a regular comedy community. Because we were not worried about headshots then. Nobody talked about Chaffetz. We didn't talk about a DVD. STAND UP! We didn't talk about specials. We didn't talk about agents. We didn't talk about managers and that's a very special thing. When you just doing, stand up and it's fun Monday nights. How much! lived. How much money do you make? Monday didn't make a dime now. You went down it because you're going to eat for free, you drink for free. And you're gonNA laugh, your ass off because we had eighteen comics off every Monday and Tuesday. Ten of them will be legit. Yes, the other eight. But funny guys that we're going to pull the trigger on themselves with somebody else any day and Today you look back, those guys is. The Guy who's come up with the handcuff on? He did. He was always a Weirdo. He was always like. Don't act like I. Forget what his name is God rest his. Know but I'm. Not surprised. To come up on stage. Yeah, thank God Tuxedo like. Yeah, always a lot. There was one guy that add a joke there I'm in one night I walked in the highest fuck. You know this I forget his name good kid. I think they used. You mentioned this name before. I sat down. The Hi, I'm watch this guy had he goes, so he was talking about. Rodeo. Joe Joe Pergama Joe Paragon goes. We were walking past.

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