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New York City originally not from Indonesia. And we'RE GONNA play Burger kill in a little bit and they are Indonesia's well so we were. Indonesia was representing in Pittsburgh on Sunday night and my band. Twenty temporarily called twenty thousand metal. Dick's temporarily temporary. I I do all we can think of is like pervy like that's guys. It's like jared got a bad name. He texts me. It's like it's Dick Splitter. I liked fist full of assholes. That's the one I always pick fit heads or some I don't know but we got wasn't Madinat. Maybe fistful of assholes. Maybe I'll exit to the guys life. They'll be like what we're looking for like a good name. We need like a really killer name because if you have a killer name then that fills in all the marketing and then then like figuring out. What the logo and all that is become super easy so help us out? You've got some good band names strokes. We aren't metal okay. We are more like an alternative hard rock kind of sound. They sound awesome. We do so we'd see sound good. We are good band and thank you very much. THAT LILLY SUE walk walkout. Let me give you guys the the down low on Sue Waka here. You may find Suwalki at Sioux tribe dot com. Tom Easy enough tribe. They have their own tribe. I love it great band. Super Friendly Dude. Just awesome really had a good time. So SUWALKI TRIBE DOT COM. Check them out. Okay we are talking. We'll get into the Yes Do you want to know a little bit about before you get into our accounting and you're a little bit about the origins of the devil in rock music. Go forward I mean. Do you guys want to know a little bit about this. I I really for some reason. I don't know why but this topic just really kind of rang my bell. I grew up in a an evangelical Christian upbringing and rock. Music was forbidden. It was The Devil's music but it this idea that music certain music could be evil or the devil's music is not a new thing. There was there was classical music that you know people. The the church had condemned this big band music. A let's see here Saxophone when they were when they first come more. Viewed as with suspicion. Suspicion was a scandalous instrument who was banned by Pope Pious. The tenth in one thousand nine hundred three I did not. That's pretty cool. Yeah because Ah we're used a belt out. Jazz that aroused Lou. Dancing makes me WANNA listen on eighty s music with saxophone provoked alarm and outrage the devil knew a Lotta tempt after all With an apple or sexy rhythm and four-time in the twenties jazz band in hundreds of public dance halls. Interesting interesting. There was any time anything happen. You Know Oh. The experts are blaming the new jazz syncopated rhythms trouble. No one knows. That's for sure. Eighteenth Century Cleric said that the devil has the best tunes some which you will find in our playlist tonight as we talk about headed by Jelly Roll. Morton recorded a devil related song called BOOGER BOO classical music. Had aroused consternation over Don Smith cobs and immoral symphonies. Now I want you guys listen. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA turn off the background music from what you guys. Listen to this. This is a piece called Sonata engy minor but It's called the devil's trill. I know the Kartini. Now what you guys to give this this one a little bit of a listen I got. I got to turn off the of the background music as you hear. Classical music is unlike pop. Music has dynamics and if you Cloud requires requires very close listening. So let's go ahead and check this out TORTILLA KNEES VIOLENT SONATA NUMBER ONE IN G minor..

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