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Your that dream hill greater that just back third factors uh uh a higgins mix seen uh uh donna donnas food idiosyncrasies of many descriptions as it's tewfik thanks joe johns is not to eat one day juice cleanse by the way i am it's happening today juice and black coffee area congratulations man a little while barroga fact anyways that was my weaken links were asking you have some good news need some good news much crowd and hamas had recently to every all of these sexual assault and sexual sexual misconduct claims against people that you have come to know and love there were eight them dow kind a rock the industry so any who uh there is this interesting cut article of theirs someone on twitter who basically said dean how much croat gone on anyone to share here positive stories of things that have happened with yes need bigwigs let's start read where we can just celebrate goodness i can't so i found a few that i thought our you know just kind of on none of these earthshaking but there are all positive in we all need a little bit of hollywood is right now in iran are you are right kidon here's one hubbard this danny devito tipped two hundred and twenty dollars to have two cases of wind delivered one block to his apartment i'll how many did he effort how ma twenty bucks cases of wind delivered to his apartment one block over at boy deandre rumor on the street is a danny devito and his wife real perlman who have been together since 1982 are just one of.

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