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They're not on the line with us. She's there somewhere. She must think I just went to you. And she's not paying attention though. She was. She was with she's driving so tournament season early early March March second Mike got our warrior shootout coming up sponsored by freedom boat club. Nice, and let's get out there. And and support a few of our veterans. What do we fishing four on March second oh insurance insure slam? So red fish, look and see trout all live release. Speaking of CCA Liza's is gonna give me all her old rulers. So we're gonna use the the CCA tournament ruler. From from years past nice store official rules. Nice nice. Yeah. We appreciate her sport on that as well. You guys do great work. Partying was freedom boat club here, the the captain's party is going to be immutable Tarpon springs. They're right on the water at carpet attacker. It's the old shrimp wrecked. We're going to have a full buffet out there. We're going to have a live band Tampa Jeep Gruden Tony and dawn from Tampa Chiku. Bring a bunch of games out there. It's going to be a huge event. So how can people get signed up? Go to reeling freedom dot com and follow the warrior shootout links on there. Okay. And if you're an insurer charter, captain, and you want to donate some trips charter trips, please call us because we'll give those trips away to our veterans at that event is very nice. You guys you guys do good work over there. And we're going to have you on. We were supposed to have you on next Saturday. When I got a call pollen reschedule because next Saturday next Saturday is going to be our captain Mel memorial show, the first Saturday in February is always the Mel memorial show. So we're going to do that next Saturday, Michael Mookie Wilson. And hopefully, Jim plastic our good friend. We'll get him in on the phone line. And we'll be talking about tabby fishing. And then, of course, the legacy the legend that is captain Mel Berman. We'll do that next Saturday, then hopefully, the Saturday after that will have you pollen here, and we'll talk really the freedom in about two tournament. So I'll I'll get with Paul here this weekend. We'll get all that figured out. But we appreciate you. Go to reeling freedom dot com. For more information on this great tournament great opportunity to help our veterans, and you know, how we feel.

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