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The san bernardino national forest they stopped the forward progress and they've surrounded about a fourth of it burned over thirteen hundred acres broke out last friday and they say public campgrounds and some of the camps are open including the barton flats area the observatory up in growth park it's closed because of a wildfire that happened there yesterday afternoon la city spokesman brian humphry is in the park remains busy today here just northwest victory for the story with more than seventy five firefighters are on the ground checking for hotspots pre support the fire has not extended beyond its twenty five acre perimeter yesterday they really jumped on this because it could have been really bad their mind was the may two thousand seven fire in the park consume more than eight hundred acres we know the volatility of the rush there it's an amazing part for many reasons but certainly is always a volatile situation around nobody got injured about about two thousand people had to be evacuated from the area during that far death of a two year old boy is being cared for cared for by his mother's boyfriend in westchester is now being investigated by la police dcfs also on the case garden grove man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting two ten year old girls he has been sentenced to ten years in prison and is now a registered sex offender prosecutors say the defendant knew the families of the victims they say one of the girls told somebody at her school about what was happening and that led to a call to the police l as mayor garcetti out of town this time in colorado he's there to talk about civic leadership part of a speaker series today's session to focus on lessons he's learned as mayor he's do back in l a tomorrow metropolitan water district will go ahead with the plan to put up nearly eleven billion dollars to revamp the state's water system agencies board revoted on funding about two thirds of the socalled california water fix project after some groups accused of violating the state's open meeting law the first time around 'em wd officials denied wrongdoing that said they took the vote again to allay concerns about the validity of the board's decision the water fixes the plan to replace aging infrastructure with two huge tunnels under the sacramento san joaquin delta to modernize the way water is delivered from northern california to the rest of the state the plan has ardent supporters and critics we think that it's absolutely crucial that this project move forward in order to protect our water supply in southern california this is a disaster with gotta stop it now what the m wd's investment might end up costing ratepayers is unclear the agency insisted it'll be less than five dollars a month for the average household critics contended could be as.

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